Does my gg4 fem look Ready to top?

Does she look ready to top. This tent is a 2x4 and I have 2 girls in there in 7 gallon grow bags. In the right is gg4 fem. On the left is runtz fem. Does the gg4 look ready to top? Does anyone suggest using other methods other than topping for scrog grow?

I’m going to put a scrog screen up today.

If I do any training, which is rare, I wait till the plant is about 1’ tall before messing with it. :+1:

You need to ease up on the watering a little bit. Where you are placing the water can cause root and stem rot if you are not careful. Force the plant to expand the root system by placing the water a few inches from the main stem.

I have a few small holes around the base I put in the soil and I place my water there. No issues.

Your other plant soil looks dry as cremated human remains. Bone dry by the visual inspection.


IMO I would wait about a week looks almost ready to top

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Yeah I would wait a bit. They start to grow fast once they establish themselves. You want to see them 2 times larger or more. IMO.

Patience it will start moving a lot faster soon!!
Good luck!

Hate to just jump in, wat would you guys do with
This black truffle? Watca think?

Should I top it or just leave it alone? Tks

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I thought the rule of thumb was grow 6 nodes then top between4th and 5th node.

@Bud_Wizer @matty777 I’ve heard that from numerous experienced growers in here. I’m not sure why they go down to lower nodes though, that hasn’t been fully explained in the posts I’ve read. I top the new tip and leave its pair of fans as they are all brand new. The fans will become a pair of branches, creating a Y.

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That plant appears to have started flowering but and re-vegged.

Top after fifth node.