Does it look like my lst is good?

My big plant looks different from everyone else it’s super short and bushy is it supposed to be taller at 2 months?? Could this make pest a problem

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Nice job! I personally try and keep my plants low and even, like yours. Once they get wide enough, I let them grow up a little bit, then flip the light to 12/12 (if those are photos). And then just try and keep the canopy even. You want all the budsites at the same level so they get the same amount of light. The amount of light at the top of a 4foot plant is way more than in the middle, so I try and keep mine under 2 foot tall, but 2 foot wide too!


Looks great as @Spudgunner said, I too try keeping my plants short, light doesn’t penetrate very deep into the canopy, keeping everything short and wide helps with even light distribution. For me it helps keep down on the larf while focusing more on choice colas. :slightly_smiling_face:


And I wanna be able to have room in the tent


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I did the 1/3 well tried to I may or may have not did it right but it worked for me


That’s how I like mine to look too, sort of! Clones never have that even branching tho, but they spread the same.

Does low like this cause bugs? No, bugs cause bugs! It can promote mold growth, but a fan blowing under them and across the canopy can help prevent that. Just watch your environmental conditions.

Nice training!


I like how the training is turning out on them

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Are clones not that good?

Clones are great! But they never seem to have that dominant main cola, they branch out more naturally. I prefer clones (guaranteed female, and if your own, they’re free!).

Seeds, I will only buy auto seeds now for outdoor growing, rains hit my area in late September and hard to get plants to harvest without bud rot or other issues. Autos I can time so that they are done in August.

Here’s a Dutch Treat cone on Dec 23 before a haircut

And her after a trim

A week later she filled back in. Only about 10" above dirt.

She was cloned after flowering started, so she had to reveg while growing roots. Grew a TON of branches!
The other plants in the background are also clones, Death Bubba, my all-time favourite strain! Check out my grow here…


That looks like my plant a little hoping it turns out like that

This one was transplanted first week of November, so 2 months old now? Altho the cutting was taken near the end of August, early September. I rooted it in water, so it took forever. I have others you can see in my thread that only took about 2 weeks to root in ProMix.

Clones seem complicated

When you need to trim your plant and have to take a couple small branches off, try making clones out of them! Practice practice practice! (you are growing photos right?)


Yes all of my plants are photos. Can I clone in soil?

you can if it’s light enough for the roots go develop in. I use ProMix, mix up a very light nute mix and get the mix wet, squeeze out excess fluid and fill a small pot. I poke a hole with a thin pencil/piece of wire and put some rooting compound in there. I prep all these first. Then when I take my cutting, stick it in some water, then in some rooting compound, and into the hole, about 1" or 1.5" deep. A little press around the base and done. Then they sit in my seedling tray, domed, with a little T5 light running 24/7 for a week or 2.
Also, cut all the tips of the leaf fingers about a third off. This (supposedly) tells the plant the leaves are hooped, grow more, but it can’t since it has no roots, so it goes root production mode. There’s more to it than that, but that’s how it was explained to me!
You can also just take cuttings and put them in a jar of water and let them root, but that takes more weeks (like 4 or 6) to get roots. Then plant as above in moist lightly-nuted soil, making sure the root goes down that hole!

Sacrificial limbs gonna be tossed anyways, I try and give them a chance at being a plant. My problem is they do make (this time 9 of 10), and I have no room for them at this stage!

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Thanks I’m gonna try it 100%

I trained it out again