Does ILGM's CBD oil contain THC?

Does anyone know if the CBD oil sold by ILGM contains any THC?

It seems my country is legalizing now, but to my understanding only oil which can be documented 100% THC free.

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@arcticGrow not sure about ILGM CBD oil, but to my knowledge, there needs to be some THC to activate the CBD. I think CBD oil should be a min of 4:1 CBD:THC

@arcticGrow I use CBD oil all of the time. Most of it has a minute trace of THC that is under the requirements for detection in most areas which is why it can legally be sold.

From the website:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non psycho-active substance that comes from the hemp plant.

Unlike THC, CBD barely induces a cerebral high.

CBD is commonly used to treat various medical conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and more.

ILGM 5% CBD Oil is CO2 extracted decarboxylated CBD from GMO free organic industrial hemp. Cultivated and processed in Europe.

Hope that helps

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@bob31 @VelcroThumb

The government here unfortnuately always put impossible requirements (or taxes!) on everything.

Most CBD oils contain some thc and thus classify it as a drug. Several people here have experienced police housesearch after oil being seizied by customs. One person was fined $800 when labtest showed 0.02% thc…

@arcticGrow wow that’s just insane :confused: