Which ILGM seeds/strains are the closest to 'no/minimal THC & highest CBD'?

new grower. Love ILGM bought first seeds…all germinated and LOVE the forum. I bought White Widow CBD Autoflower. Why? It looked like the highest CBD strain they offer in Autoflower.
However…a forum poster said that they took their grown bud to a lab and it showed, yeah, ‘high’ CBD at 5% but…the THC was at 10%!
That, in my opinion, is not really ‘LOW THC’, correct? Even if the CBC at 1:1 is supposed to ‘neutralise’/mellow’ the THC…that would still be 5% THC…yes, low compared to modern high THC strain developer standards…but, I’m an old hippie who hasn’t smoked weed since 1977! Im looking for the fun of growing and the CBD health effects…not a ‘panic attack’ brought on by modern THC levels- lol!
So, what strains does ILGM carry that are, like, 1% THC and mostly CBD?

Try the Harliquin. Should be just what ur looking for

i didnt realise they sold Harlequin… I read it was really good.

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I grew one crossed with space queen. Bit more thc then what ur looking for but some LOVELY smoke… the SQ really brought out the cherry terps.

But im sure that would be exactly what the doc ordered. Best of luck

maybe I’m being overly ‘cautious’
background: I used to smoke herb every day from age 15 to age 20. I loved it. I even took my drivers license exam ‘high’…and haven’t had an accident in in 47 years of driving!
but…the pot in the years 1973 thru 1977, they say, even when we smoked the best we could buy, like ‘Gold Columbian’, Red Columbian’, ‘Thai Sticks’ and we used to buy ‘black hash’ or ‘green hash’ (whatever that was?!) and once in a while ‘hash oil’…I read now that there was probably like 1% THC in the best of that? Never mind the cheap $15 an OZ. ‘Mexican’ pot with leaves, seeds and not many buds…
So, now, 45 years later I am enjoying growing and want to smoke some herb again to see if it will help my mood, arthritis, and insomnia!
So…do you think those past percentages of what I was used to is correct?
If the weed I grow and smoke is actually 5 or 10 times more potent than, what, do I just have one puff? I mean, we used to do massive amounts of bongs and 3 or 4 full joints per session!
Any input and/or advice is very welcomed…


I think the averages back in the 80’s was around 6-8% I can’t speak for the 70’s. Now 16% is considered low.

As with anything, moderation is key. If your looking to smoke all day like the good ol days, then cbd would be up your alley. I used to burn up a QP a week. Sometimes burning an OZ in one sitting.

If you are looking to conserve, then yes, now a days without a tolerance it’s easily 1 hit and you are done.

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wow. Okay, thanks so much for the feedback…I appreciate it!


I think the percentages are overstated…

I grew some 30%+ Kings Banner that got me high. I mean a niceee high. 30% tho? I think not!

Grew some under 20% SSH that had me on cloud 9…

The haze was more ‘pure’ and the Banner what they call a ‘polyhybrid’ or a super mutt of a strain. Everyone is so busy breeding for percents they are unwillingly watering down other important parts of the genetics. That “entourage” effect is real.


That entourage effect is incredible. Very apparent with cbg and cbd flower. With very little thc. The problem is the quality, that’s publicly available. I’ve purchased tons of it just to try. Wonderful effect (for someone who doesn’t smoke a lot,) just a terrible cure. Harsh, bad taste. Some of it smells pleasant…

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