Does everything look ok?

Hi everyone just a quick question, this is my first time growing. Using a led 1000w ffof soil and the trio nutrients for the soil. I’m on day 5 of wk 4. Everything looks good and nothing is dying​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: this is my first time growing. It’s a bag seed because I was just trying to see if I can do it. So far so good… I think. I have heard of some people trimming it up. I want to but I’m scared and don’t want to mess anything up. Any advice, suggestions welcome. Also my pH is 5.4 and so I have just been not adding anymore pH down to my solutions. I was using ph strips and finally got a digital tester and the strips I found out are no good. Strips were reading 6 an higher but once I got the digital one it definitely was not at 6 at all. I been trying to get the pH up in my soil but nothing is working and I don’t want to just buy pH up at the moment.! I also have a grow tent which it outgrew so I’m waiting for a new one.

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You might want to take that picture down , has your address

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Please don’t post personal information on the forum. Pleas read forum rules.

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First off I didn’t do it on purpose, by time I tried to take it down it was too late. And I don’t know how to flag it

I have pics with it scratched out and when I tried to edit it told me I had took to long

Just looking out for you


Oh no your good, the mentor person gettin all snatchy like someone wanted to out the address out on purpose.

Select the 3 dots, then the flag option. No worries. If it was a mistake. There is a time limit for editing. Just looking out for you.

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I pushed the three dots but on my end all I got was a bookmark and share option… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Mistakes happen. Tag anyone if you need anything.
Plants look great! Happy growing!

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I’m just looking for advice that’s all😅 sry

What kinda of water are you using

I always have to add ph up to my nutrients

Not sure but I know it the pH is 7.1 so I usually bring it down to about 6.2 6.3… but now I haven’t been using anything in my last couple of waterings and the pH only goes up a little bit. It was 5.2 now they all read about 5.5 after I feed them yesterday.

When I add nutrients to my water it all levels out to 6.2

What ph meter do you have, and have you calibrated it

I calibrated when I first got it with the little packets it gave me but now I ran out of those so I’m not sure how to calibrate :sweat_smile::thinking:

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I made the same mistake buying that meter, you should look at spending a few more dollars on a better one, ph is super important. If you buy the ph up and down kit it comes with a little test kit , I used to double check my meter to make sure she was still on

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Ok, I knew I should have gotten the other one. Well it’s my first time an I had gotten everything cheap until stuff actually started growing. I didn’t think I would get this far lol I’m still learning, trial and error I guess. But THANK YOU, I will definitely be getting a better one.

All good, gotta start somewhere, like I said I did the same thing, look into a ppm meter also, those you can go cheap on . I didn’t spend much on my second ph pen 40 dollars. It’s a Phelp , but then you can buy the calibration solution 4.0 and 7.0. When I would make a full dose of nutrients mixed in purified water , I would have to add 5ml of ph up. When you figure out you meter situation u can go in at 6.8 till you start to see your runoff rise

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