Does everything look ok?

Ok cool, I do have a ppm meter. I ended up getting that first before I realized the pH strips were off. Do you think I need to trim it more? I’ve been keeping on it here an there but I’m honestly scared to touch it, freaken hairs everywhere lol

I don’t trim much, usually try and tuck if possible, i usually grow autos , iam new to photos @kellydans and @Oldguy are more knowledgeable then me


here are my first photos


:heart_eyes: those look nice!

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Sorry. Gotta ask.
Are you ph’ing before or after you add your nutes to your water ?
Should always be after adding to the mix.
And the type of medium you use will determine the desired ph of your feed mix going in as well.

And that will work fine till they start blocking bud sites.
Usually around the 3 week mark of flowering I’ll take the bigger leaves to open things up to let more light into the lowers.


I always ph after and I’m using ffof soil with the fox farm trio. I’m on week 4 about to go on 5 on Monday. Ive only been cutting the leaves that block some stuff but other then that I leave it be and do its thing. It’s all fuzzy so I’m scared to do alot to it. Tried tucking but the way it’s growing, it’s not happening lol


Welcome looking back at the pictures plants look to be pretty open for good light penetration and Air circulation. my first option would be to tuck and also take a few along the way. Plants look good keep up the good work.