Does anyone use anything to enhance trichome production

strong textI was just wondering if anyone used anything the last couple weeks of flowering to enhance trichome/ terpene production. There’s a ton of sweetness and flower fuel products on the market I don’t even know where to begin, but I find the community generally knows what’s good hence my question. So if anyone uses anything at the end of flowering to add flavor, trichomes, and terpenes please share below. Thanks everyone , hope your weekend was relaxing and rejuvenating!

Ive tried everything!! Even put on a big wooden scary mask and danced naked in my backyard at midnight. Didn’t do much for the tricoms but it did freak out my neighbors…at least that what the officers said…i dont do that anymore.


All snake oil imho. Marketting gimmicks is all they are. All these products are is a more concentrated version of the potassium and phosphorous (PK) product you are already using. If you want more P and K, simply add more of the PK product you are already using. Be mindful of runoff pH and PPM as you may overshoot PPM doing that and heavy salts will submarine your pH.

The only legitimate product that can help is maybe silica.

The best way to produce the best weed is to focus on the basics. Good lighting, proper soil, proper watering, management of pH and PPM, and so on.


I don’t know if silica helps with terps/trics, but it sure as heck makes for a very strong plant. I haven’t needed to support any of my plants and a couple of them got VERY heavy toward the end. It’s one thing I’m convinced helps.


That’s all I use. I actually am switching to jacks 321 part a and b with epson salt and using only silica with this. My current grow in just finishing off the bottles of general hydro I have , of course I bought into all the hype and bought the 10 part mix pack snake oil haha. Just to realize jacks has it all accept the silica.



Did someone say snake oil? There’s a lot of this in the audio hobby.


“If you are afflicted with deafness…” Drink this. “Relieves instantaneously.”



Its good for whats ailing you and if nothing is ailing you , its good for that!


Think about it like this - we spend 6 weeks growing it, another 8 weeks flowering it, and 2 weeks for the trichome and terpenes that developed over the former 14 weeks to ripen and be ready for smoking.

There is essentially nothing you can provide in the final two weeks of plant life to offset the quality of life it had 14 weeks leading to that moment. You may be able to stress her out and force her to produce more trichomes (defense mechanism to extreme environmental factors). You may be able to drive a stake through her main stalk and have her smell extra dank. But in those final weeks, at best what you will have is a coating of fresh, immature trichomes.

I am a firm believer that it’s the long-term treatment that will help enhance terpenes and trichome production. Proper nutes (which you’ve got), a good silica product (if you’re not already in soil), beneficial microbes, and if you’re really feeling into it, a bloom booster (Monopotassium phosphate) for the transition from veg to flower.

I’m with @Audiofreak - the rest is snake oil.


That’s what I came to on my own so thanks for confirming that for me.

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Girls are looking good .


I saw you did above. :100: Sometimes I weigh in on things so others checking into the topic find more than one person with the same result. There’s nothing more disheartening for folks than seeking information and finding eighty different answers. Eighty people with the same or a similar answer can be helpful. :v:

Damn straight. Those are some massive buds. Beautiful :heart_eyes:

All 6 girls are about a week out . All on 10 week of flower.

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Exactly @Graysin .

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As soon as those are done these are going in.

I’m gonna use my 2x4 for my veg and 5x5 for my flower from now on. I’m switching to just coco

Those babies are in coco/perlite 70/30 mix

I’ll only be using jacks a and b, epson salt and silica . No more snake oils for this guy. Haha

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I use uva lighting in addition to regular grow lights from third week of flowering to the end

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