Does anyone know what this white stuff is?

I am growing and areoponics today I looked at my leaves on my white widow and there’s some white stuff on the edges of the leaf. As you can tell I had a problem with a calcium magnesium which I solved that but now I have this new mystery. Please help willing to answer any questions that will help to conclude this deficiency or whatever it may be.


Looks like maybe minerals from foliage spray or a humidifier like water spots on your car

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Oh wow yeah, if you have one of those cool mist humidifiers they totally do that though you’d probably see it elsewhere as well

We kept finding a white residue especially on black stuff like the microwave and discovered it was from the humidifier and not using distilled water in it


I believe that’s what it is because when you zoom in you can see the outlined shapes of water droplets :sweat_drops: before I zoomed I went to the darkside and thought wpm (white powder mildew)

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Oh no don’t go to the dark side lol, really tho that was my first thought as well. Thank you

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