White on leaves

Is there anything wrong with the lower leaves on this girl?
I do give a sprits of Foxfarm grow big one tbs per gallon mix. Could it be dried fertilizer?

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Two questions, please.

Are you spraying the plant with anything?

Are you using a humidifier with tap water?

Yes spraying with grow big Fox farm with filtered tap water.
Warm humidifier with unfiltered tap water

I have another plant , northern lights which has no symptoms

Part of it may be mineral residue from the spray. It’s not a good idea to spray cannabis with anything unless it is absolutely necessary to treat bugs or mold. Spraying carries more risk than it is worth and can cause mold to develop, especially if the plant is flowering.

Humidifiers (unless they are wicking evaporation type) aerosolizes the minerals in tap water and distributes it over your grow space. Suggest using distilled or RO water if you are using an ultrasonic humidifier.


My humidifier is a steam type. Probably not the best. I don’t use it unless humidity drops below 30%

They also aerosolize minerals, but a bit less so than the ultrasound ones.

The white stuff is just mineral dust. Not good since it will clog stomata on the plant’s leaves, decreasing the plant’s ability to do photosynthesis.

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Ok no more spray. As you can see the photos show a little brown on the leaves. Probably due to plugged up photosynthesis receptors. “Stomatas”. Lol

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Agree with everything @MidwestGuy says.

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Thank you for such a quick response and confirmation

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