Do they look ready to flower?

Hi everybody!

So this is my first time. I have one larger cherry lime soda in the back waiting to go into a mom closet. Then I germinated 3 seeds of cherry lime soda that are six weeks in veg, then my husband experimented with a cutting that is about three weeks and I have a cherry pound cake that was outside and then started to flower because I didn’t know she was a girl, lol, and she‘a 9 weeks
So I want to flower them all together since they are all different ages. Except for my original girl , which I’m attached to. Lol.
I’m using advanced nutrients which they seem to love and they’re under a 600 MH bulb.
I didn’t do much trimming. Did a little and tied back some branches.
What should I do now?image image image


Definitely do. Go for it!

Give them a hefty trim if you’re certain they aren’t under any stress - create an imaginary line and anything below that canopy goes. Let them heal a week or so and once they bounce back flip. After a couple weeks when they’re finished stretching switch over to bloom nutes and make sure to give it a P boost a couple weeks into flower. Great job they look beautiful :+1:


Why so late? I maintain veg nutes into flower but start bloom nutes when I switch lights. I figure it is better to have them on board and available than having to wait / search for them. Just curious.


I was waiting for the smallest one, which was our first clone experiment to catch up to the rest and have been waiting for my husband to build my mom closet to keep my original one for a mom. Just didn’t plan it all out properly. Lol.

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Thank you!


@Mc. A mom closet? Love it!

Yep! Keeping my first child!! :rofl:

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@Mc they look good also depends on ur space plants like to double in size even stretch more sometime depends on strains and ideal environments. Happy growing. Thumbs :point_up: toke :point_up: stay medicated.

We always learn as we go. Stay the course grow your own @Mc.

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I think you have a very good question @beardless that I don’t have a true answer for you.

If we look at nutrient companies feed charts they all tend to keep feeding veg nutrients until stretch is over, two weeks after flip, at the same time from flip onward bloom nutrients are given just not in full strength.

Plants will be more nitrogen hungry and less PK hungry but they will start to use it. The micro nutrients will depend on each different nutrient manufacturer and this plays a roll in differing ratios from one nutrient to the next.

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I am using advanced nutrients and Iguana Juice Bloom has a higher % of N than Grow. So, I like to get bloom started a little earlier to feed the stretch and have flower nutrients on board.

I like to make sure I’m maintaining the N throughout the stretch. I usually do the same but I’m in organic slow release so I have time before it becomes available to the plant. I’m assuming (my error but typically the case) that he’s using bottles nutes that are immediately available to the plant. I’ve seen stunted growth by giving plants to much P to early in flower. It’s hard to come back from vs a plant that’s a bit hungry - seems to pick back up much quicker.

Very fair point tho and probably a bit in the weeds for the initial question - great catch :+1:

@Nicky what are your thoughts in regards to his question and my answer… very nuisanced but I think a very important stage in the plants life and something that’s not talked about very much


There are always two sides to an issue. I figure if I stay in the middle lane and not push the boundaries too far, I can’t mess it up too bad. I have to look into to much P in early flower though

Didn’t see this till now lol

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