Do my buds look ok?

Hi guys.

My plant are almost at the end of the cycle.

My buds are looking a bit strange tho. I can’t figure out what is it.

Looking at a auto flowers dream berry.

Thank you


I don’t know if it is Foxtailing or Reveging.
For Foxtailing, check if they had heat or light stress recently.
For reveging, check if you have light leaks in your tent or your feeding regime.


I believe it could be revenging now that you mentioned.

I left the tent open a couple of days ago…

It didn’t affect the other plants tho.

They are a few weeks from harvesting, just started flushing. I think that there’s not much I can do now…


I was not aware you could reveg an Auto Flower as they are on their own schedule regardless of light.

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Looks to be foxtailing. How many weeks into the Grow?

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This is more likely with an autoflowering plant. Re-vegging isn’t really possible.

Light intensity, nutes, environment, heat-stress etc can all contribute to foxtails.


Definitly foxtailing.

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Ending week 11.

I just started flushing my plants.

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