Do I Use two trellis nets or one (HPS)?

First time trellis net grow. The package came with a 4’x4’ stretchable trellis and a 3’x3’.

Using one 600/750/1000 watt HPS light (set on 750 watts) and was going for a 4’x4’ square footage, the light is 18"-20" above the canopy, heat not a problem with ducting into the attic and an inline fan that kicks on at 78F. Strawberry Cough strain, plant height was 28" from plant base to plant top, now it’s 16" from plant base to plant top with the bread ties I just put on. Flowering started 7 days ago.

Right now the netting has the 4’x4’ at the bottom and the 3’x3’ is not being used. Do I need the second one, or should I get a second 4’x4’ one for the future?

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Since you’re in mid transition you might just for support


Keep tucking them as much as you can until the second bud cola grows to the height of the top cola and every other lower bud should be the same and that’s the goal to create each budding tulips as it’s own cola top make sense ?
You are doing great :+1:, next time veg into the screen a week early before your flip, and start your scrog training and once you feel good about the fullness , flip them but we here now , so just keep tucking as they flower :blossom:, don’t let them stretch past the screen except the main top cola so all others can stretch up as well , I think you will do great keep going and be confident in your creativity , you doing awesome :ok_hand:!

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Thanks! So far so good. :smiley: