Need some help with how to effectively use a trellis net

Ok here it goes! So I need to understand how to effectively use a trellis net and how it helps control the stretch to create tighter node spacing on the cola’s?? I understand the point of it is to level the canopy and spread it out for more light distribution, but I guess what I’m having a problem with is how pinning the taller branches under the net is going to lead to tighter node spacing to create one big cola instead of a grouping of buds on that branch? I have read that your light intensity/spacing to the top of the plant is what changes node spacing because the plant doesn’t have to expend the energy to reach the light?? If it matters it’s a 5x5 tent. Growers Choice roi720 with Uv bars at 62% at top of tent at start of 3rd week. Also I know that the stretch is generally Over at third week but I’m asking for future grows thanks :pray:

I don’t know that it does this…when I pin down branches it is to even the canopy and promote some specific branch growth…I can’t say I have ever noticed a difference in pined or not pined colas

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Plants stretching are normally due to light issues. Proper distance having adequate light source.

Trellis allows you to space the vegetation around as to allow light penatration down lower to promote bigger yield.

I am just learning about measuring light outputs, someone will be around shortly who will get you hooked up.

What strain? Sativas are more known for stretching as opposed to indicas.

Scroll on down to advanced techniques, scrogging vs LST. Very informative thread on trellises.

Ok gotcha the only reason I’m asking is I’ve seen a few things that have said to leave my light up high at top of tent and they were basically saying that by controlling the stretch it would allow the nodes to be tighter and form cola’s instead of individual buds along the branches. From everything else I’ve picked up about lighting and distance to the plants that’s what I was led to believe is what changed the node spacing so thank you very much for the help.

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Um, well right now I have 1pure sativa and a couple heavy indica and the rest are hybrids. I have 4 tents and all lights are at top of tent. But I’m starting to think that I need to start playing with the distance of my lights in the first few weeks. Instead of letting them go to the light I should be bringing the light to them. Thanks for your help

Ok thanks :blush:

Node spacing is light distance related but bud sites are bud sites and may appear to be one Large cola but several stacked together. Netting is used to create an even canopy across your grow space allowing equal light distribution across the canopy and bud sites giving you a larger yield and better bud quality :love_you_gesture:

To be honest your best off watching some videos on YouTube about it because telling someone its harder to explain but if u see it for ur self you will get a better understanding of it .

I’ve understood node spacing to be upwards on the vertical… That is, from the soil to the light… Trellising moves vertical growth to the horizontal…this will divide the overall energy from the main trunk amongst the now trained canopy of nodes.
If you were looking for one massive cola then just let the plant keep it’s central top throughout the grow, and a few (2-6 branches)…
Be aware that single density like this without rot/breaking/lower overall yeilds requires a much more precise controlled climate. It’s feasible with taller setups, or outdoors in idea climates. Possible, but Still tricky.
SoG in the trellis gives the best if both words IMHO

what you are seeing is…if the light is too high the plant will stretch and the nodes will be farther apart…if you have the light the correct distance, less stretch and she will keep her top nodes close

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