Do i smell?

ok the stuff is starting to smell up my room but containted in thier w/the door closed i am getting used to it so im assuming its more than i think but i sit in the room w/the tent in it all day can the smell get into my clothes? do i smell like fresh growing stuff when i go outside lol?

You need to get a vortex exhaust fan. 4-6"’ You also need a carbon filter. Shop around; You can get some really great prices.

Yes, you may very well smell. You need to get a trusted friend who has a fresh nose to see if you smell enough for the average person smell your grow on you.

Get an ionizer air freshener. This type of air filter freshener puts ions in the air that will stick to the surface of fabrics and other things in your house/room and oxidize the VOCs. VOCs are usually what float around in the air and or land on things and make the “smell”. Many types of air filters incorporate ion generators as well as the “HEPA filter” paper air filter. Some “Ionizers” though only use metal screens or plates to generate ions and have dust and other things in the air get “ionized” and then stick to the metal screen or plate which then the screen and or plates can then routinely be cleaned and re-used.

If I remember correctly; You cannot place an ionizer in your grow room. Works great, but has to be around the corner. Do some research. Peace

Actually it can be in the room, his room. Where his clothes are and where he lives. But yes, I would not flood ozone ionized air into the grow room. On the air outlet duct it is good to have one and there are special inline ionizers designed to be added to the out going air ducting of tents and or the enclosed HID light systems ducting for heat removal.

I found a reasonably priced tower fan/ionizer at local big box store. My plants are inside a grow box which is inside a closet with louvered doors in a closed 10’ x 11’ room. Is placing ionizer on other side of room a problem?

It should not be a problem, if you need to move it closer to the closet door to keep indoor room odors to a minimum, you can.