Do I need to use Humidity Packets?

Hi y’all, I’ve never had enough medicine to worry about my buds getting mold, etc. But now I do! Can anyone help me with this? Do I need to purchase Humidity Packets and if so what type 50% or 62%, etc.??? If yes, how often would I have to replace?? P.S. How long do you Dry your weed?Thanks

Dont take my word for it as I’m about ready to go down this path myself for the first time. Only know what I’ve read so far. It appears most use the 62% packs while I see others opting for the 58% packs. Seems it’s a matter of personal taste. I’ve also read preferable drying time is between 7 and 10 days. There is an art to getting it just right to begin with then burping etc. Check out the free download for the grow bible here someplace. Lots of good info. I’ll get some better help in here. @Covertgrower

I dry my cannabis hanging upside down. I do a wet trim because I find that to be easier.

My drying times range from 10-15 days depending on harvest. Each environment is slightly different so when the stems snap the buds are ready to get cut off, properly trimmed and put into a sack or jar for curing.

The curing process is tedious at first with burping your jars a few times a day, but after the first two weeks I’ll only open my jars for roughly ten minutes a day to allow air in and air to escape. The brovada packs you mentioned are tossed in with the cannabis. I prefer the 62% and they should last your entire cure. Some folks cure longer then others. I do my best to label My jars and keep curing for 3-6 months. The longer you cure the better taste, smell and high you will have. Of course with cannabis this is subjective to personal opinion and experiences.


I have 62, I prefer 58, just don’t have any. They’re reusable. Rehydrate in a quart jar with a shot glass with water in it.


Mind if I ask why your preference for 58%? I have no experience using yet to form an opinion lol. Ty @Covertgrower

@kdawg It seems to me the 62% is a bit soggy? My father in law leaves his flower out before smoking it. I don’t smoke, but I do vape, and I leave it out a little while too before vaping. Both vape fine, but the stuff that sits out vapes a little better. Difficult to explain. Both seem to have the same terpene content.


Thanks, I have downloaded the book but I like to get opinions from different people. This isn’t my first grow it’s actually my fourth but these two girls are going to be, Prayerfully, pretty good!! Keep your fingers crossed

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Great information, thanks!! I’ve never cured more than two weeks but I think I’ll have to with these girls because they “appear” to have Loads of Sticky Trichomes… Yippee

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Thanks for sharing