Do I have mold? I really hope I am wrong as i am about to harvest soon!

Is this mold? I harvested the top bud of my Sour Diesel a 10 10-15 days ago. I was reading an article and they mentioned grey mold. I remembered seeing something with the buds that I harvested and so I just inspected the old buds. It looks like I have grey hairs that can be seen with my magnifier. It this mold? Should I harvest the rest of the plant asap and inspect it? I hope I am wrong on the mold. Please advise:Uploading: IMG_4567.png… Uploading: IMG_4568.png…

I suspect that a “white light” photo will be needed to evaluate what you have going on here.


Looks like most of the buds on the plant have it with close inspection. If it is can I wash the buds? In a hydrogen peroxide bath? is a close pic:

I am not super experienced with mold but sure looks like a mold infestation to me.

A peroxide rinse is effective for WPM but this much mold in and on your buds may not be correctable. I would be very skeptical about smoking or vaping this product as mold can be very bad for humans when ingested or inhaled.

@gleaf has tagged CovertGrower, he is quite knowledgeable on these sorts of issues. @Myfriendis410 may be a great eye for this as well.


If there is a significant amount of mold in your flower I would be hesitant to use it. A strong peroxide bath might clean it up but I’m not an expert to give direction on what you should do: I do know I don’t want to smoke mildew…


It does not smell moldy. Ok time to take all the buds down and inspect them I guess. Wow, this is very depressing, First, grow and I was just about to harvest and there is no way to grow again until the spring where I am.

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That is a bummer…

This is one aspect of home growing that isn’t well addressed with newer growers. Every year, starting about now, there will be a bunch of threads dealing with this all over. Science has found that mold and mildew spores are literally everywhere on the planet and will lay dormant until conditions are ideal. Cool with humidity above 50% is all it needs. If outdoors it’s worse because pests bore into flower, carrying those spores inside. That’s an ugly deal too.

I would still like to see pictures in white light. Try rinsing a sample in straight 3% and see if it goes away.

  • what does WPM stand for?
  • I as I harvest some other buds, I can barley detet any white hairs. Are these ones salvageable?

I just opened up a bud looking for mold and found this guy. It this perhaps the source of the white hairs rather than mold?

WPM is white powdery mildew.

I have a very low tolerance for anything corrupting my buds. It can be a tough choice if it involves an entire crop.

Could be the source, nearly as bad, caterpillar poop in your buds.

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looks like the mold was only around the very top buds. that make sense?

You’re covered here. But yeah mold.

@Covertgrower Make sense that mold only on the top buds? Most of the others seem to not have much or any at all,

Mold is opportunistic, it’ll grow anywhere it can, as long as conditions are right. Top must have been better. Sorry.

@Covertgrower Question: if the lower buds don’t appear to have any mold than i am good to go to keep them, yes?

Yes. Anything that looks safe.

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Could he use the moldy buds for cooking? Would the decarboxaltion kill the mold?

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No, it’s unusable. @retirementJOB

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