Are my buds molding?

I was drying my flower out and when I went to check on it today I discovered it basically covered in what looked to be Cotton like spider webs. I’ve been searching the internet but I still haven’t found out for sure if it’s grey mold or what it is.
When I pull back the top layer of bud on the flower it looks fine and bright green. Although, the substance was completely coated the outside of some of them. I’m just trying to figure out if my buds are able to be saved or if I’m going to have to pitch them all.
Seeds are Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto flower
They’ve only been drying out for about a week

Here are more pictures, the Cotton like substance has since mostly disappeared on the buds. Some of them still have small spots of it and some slightly black looking spots. I’m pretty sure it’s mold… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s not to late to give a peroxide and water bath to kill any spores that may be on or in it. Don’t smoke mold!!!

How do I do a peroxide and water bath?

There’s a few methods. Search on here or google but basically mix the 2 and soak buds for a few minutes. Flush in clean water then hang back up to dry.

The grey/blue sorta black patch is bud rot. The best thing to do is to cut out all the suspected material and give it a peroxyde wash. I destroy rotten buds because I have piles of good ones, no point keeping stuff thats unhealthy or can potentially ruin my good stuff. The mixture for and method for washing bud can be found by typing ( bud wash ) in the magnifying glass search at the top of your screen. Again, I am not much help there because moldy bud gets the compost pile here.
Good luck