Do I have Enough lighting

Ok so this is my set 2 viparsectra par 600 tent size is 4x4x6.5 im only growin 4 plant at a time that uses about a 3x3 are which is 9 sqft. Pull from outet is 285x2=570 570/9=63 V per sqft. Is this too much light or not enough

You’ll be ok at that, you can get better but that’ll work.

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Im up for suggestions. There too much to choose from out there, when doing my research there is so much conflicting info. My budget is around 500 buck maybe more would prefer less tho.


For $500 you can get some pretty killer lighting. Look at Horticulture Lighting Group and check out the “Let’s talk DIY lights” thread on this forum.

If you are at all handy you can do a diy light or you can buy a Quantum Board assembled and ready to go. @dbrn32 is our lighting guru.


#DB4LightPrez that guy is in line for a serious raise… wait we dont pay him?!? :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Time to go down the rabbit hole.



$500 puts you a little short of a single ready to hang solution that would rock a 4x4.

You could probably do something like grab an xl 260 kit and run it with the two vipars. Or if diy is an option we could probably get close. Have any good resources for aluminum?


I had the same setup. I sprouted with one. Upgraded the other. And bought 3 qb 288v2 panels.
65$driver $255 lights and heat sinks. $20frame. $6dimmer. Vipra upgrade was $80.

What would I need to get it done I’m pretty handy

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This should give you a pretty good id4ea:


Led gardener is good source, linked above. Check that out and see if there’s something particular that catches your eye.

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On the diy led forum around message 3500 is the rebuild of a vipra 600.

Just picked up 3 of theses for $100 a piece
Im done, no more light I was told :clown_face:

I just got off Amazon to check it out and they have it listed at $390 for one light. And 44lbs?wtf

I had to pay $150 in shipping and $162 for the lights. :clown_face:
Was looking at a 15 light pallet but was sacred of what the shipping would be.
And at 44lbs each" Passive cooling" for 3 and probably red cob light of some kind my 4x8 tent will be may smash

If you can spend couple more hundred bout 761 get yourself a hgl-600 you will not be disappointed

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I looked as well, not much detail available

Im jealous n i dont even know wtf u got :rofl::joy::joy: enjoy ur new toys

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The light is powerful enough. I used one 740W Mars proII 320 led in tent 4’x4’, 46W/SF, my plants grow very well

For about that, you could get a quantum board for your space (if you are doing 3x3).

$300. You’d get 3 qb. Assembly required of course

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