Do autoflowers have males

I am new to growing and have purchased LSD Auto. Ive read so much that I’m confused. Do the Autos need to be watched for males and if so by what time frame do they appear


Welcome to the community ! You’re auto seeds should be feminized.


Like Kellydans said, if you purchased the seeds then they will be feminized seed with a very high probability of producing a female.

Cannabis generally display sex at some point between 4 and 7 weeks. I wouldn’t worry about your plant. There’s a better than 95% chance that it will be a female.

I’ve grown a lot of cannabis and I’ve yet to have feminized seed produce a male.


Welcome @Dont
I will add my .02, your LSD auto will produce female plant. The thing about autos is that everything happens on an accelerated time scale. They need close watching for nutrient issues because recovery time is short.
Stick with this community and post lots of pictures, there is always someone available for help.


In answer to your title question. Yes they do have males.
Regular non feminized autos.
Made by crossing male plant pollen with the auto genetics.
You shouldn’t as the others stated have any issues that way with your seed.



If they are LSD Autos from ILGM, don’t sweat it. The one thing to be a little more mindful of is hermaphrodites.

This in an amateur opinion, but I think the ruderalis genetics that get thrown in, make them a little more sensitive to possibly going herm. Or at least self pollinating somehow. I’ve seen many grow journals, my self included, with autos that produced just a few seeds from the whole plant. I got 3 healthy ones from 3.1oz of GSCE auto by ILGM. My first started developing seeds, only a few, but stopped and continued to flower normally.
Plus, the seeds produced, are auto fems, since it was self pollinated. May have more herm potential, though.

Sorry didn’t mean to drop a lot on ya. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Thanks, from what I’m gathering I shouldnt worry too much.


Yer good

Sorry to be the monkey wrench.

All feminized seeds carry a small chance of being male or producing male parts. Even autoflowers. Especially autoflowers (?). They can herm which means you’ll need to be on alert for male bits.

I have had one fully male autoflower - from verified feminized seeds.

I have had one herm autoflower (I stressed her out)

I have had four successful, fully female autoflowers.

You will start to see signs of male bits the same time you start to see the white pistils shooting out indicating it’s flower time. Bummer I just threw out my most recent herm two days ago, otherwise I’d have good example shots.

Here’s my male auto:

My herm:

And the successful ones

Thank you for the info. My other response was, it is o.k
I will intently be on the lookout as this is my first grow and its as if they’re my children.

It’s exactly like children. The first one is always much more nerve-wracking and by the time you get to 3 or 4, you sorta know how it goes and don’t have to stress it too bad. :rofl:

Happy growing!

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This is generally a good rule of thumb for growing weed
Stuff will probably come up, but with support from the fine folks here, you should be able to work through most issues

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This is a good practice
(And a great series of books)

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