Diy led ideas for HLG 650 Diablo

I read that HLG stopped selling the 650 kits due to people wiring them incorrectly and damaging them.
Is there a comparable diy build cheaper than just buying the 650? I have a 5×5 tent.

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I wasn’t aware that they ever sold the 650r as a kit, but maybe. They sold diablo boards individually though, and I believe you are correct in that they discontinued that because of board failures from running polarity reversed.

I’m not aware of any direct replacement. But we can certainly come up with something suitable for a 5x5 if that’s what you want. Three of the 260 xl kits has been popular for 5x5.


Cool. How much am i looking at for the 3 260xl kits?
And is that comparable to the spectrum on the 650r Diablo?

Am I just better off buying the dang $1000 Diablo light and be done with it?
Maybe even eventually add on the optional uv bar…
Its just a lot of money and I have ventilation and filtration and ph and tds meters to buy