If you had the $

If you had the money, which HLG LED light would you purchase? Then why? Scorpion Diablo, Scorpion Rspec, 650r.

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If i had the money id buy the 600rspec and the scorpion diablo with some uv bars and a flowering initiator bulb Oh wait , i already have all of that haha​:joy::joy: but we would need more info on space size, amount of plants being grown stuff like that to give you a better recommendation on what would suit your specific area the best.

But in my opinion overall the scorpion diablo is the best light. Has the best efficiency, can be ran closest to the canopy, dosent practically produce any heat.and just overall a killer light in every aspect. All the other lights are good too but if im not mistaken the scorpion diablo is ment to be HLG’s most sought after, high end light that they carry


Hahaha fun man!
Okay so I have a 4x4x7 tent that I am going to run it in for now. However I have 2 rooms in which I am going (down the line)to use as grow rooms. So I want to expand beyond the tent later. As of right now I got all my other equipment and those lights are in my budget… I was thinking of maybe using doing multiple lights that are smaller, but l am going to expand into 10’x15’ rooms.

In tent I plan on growing short and dense and wait for height until I expand into taller ceilings.


Then your best bet without a doubt whatsoever is the scorpion diablo. period. I run one in my 4x4. if you get a few of those you can at some point actually use them to their fullest capacity in the larger spaces that you will have eventually i cant see the point in getting something thats has a smaller footprint compared to the level to the canopy that you can run with the diablo. Also at 3.2umoles/joule its the most efficient light they have available. You could go the 650 but it will ultimately not fill your bigger spaces as well as the diablo would just based on size alone.

I have already convinced multiple other members of this forum to get the scorpion diablo and not one of them has ever looked back. @The_Chef would you care to join in


Id just get 2 more 260 xls but with diablo boards instead i like being able to have 1 short 1 tall section in the tent

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Haha I think I was already on the waiting list but I can let you take the credit when I get mine lol. Yeah I think I’m going to get the Diablo bro

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Get 2 more xls on top of the Diablo or xls instead of Diablo ? What positioning do you mean with short / long?

Diablo isn’t a light its a diode configuration for led boards, and having 2 lights lets me control different parts of the tent

@DukeHale you definitely won’t regret it if you do, and especially if your planning to go into those bigger spaces at some point you will be way more equipped off rip if you get the diablo, cause then you just need to buy 1 or 2 more to do the bigger rooms lol

Diablo is a light , the scorpion diablo @GreenSnek

Yes because its a scorpion type light using diablo boards hlgs newest diode configuration for efficiency


Yes correct @GreenSnek

@GreenSnek does have a point tho, cause what he means is with 2 smaller fixtures it allows you do adjust each one independently of eachother. Example: you have 4 plants in your 4x4 tent, 2 are 5ft tall, the other are 2 ft tall. It would allow you to put one over the tall ones and the other lowered over the small ones. But if your expecting to move into a bigger space the 2 smaller lights wouldn’t give you the footprint you would have going with the diablo @DukeHale

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Just feel like it would give you a better start if your eventually going to be up sizing your space. Cause who wants to spend way more money when then can try to consolidate your future plans into something that can also help you grow awesome kickass buds now in the setup your going to start with @DukeHale
And I’ll say it one more time…and youll have that awesome, beautifully crafted, beast of a light !hahaha that you will not second guess once you lay your eyes on it lol

You can check out what a diablo is capable of in a 4x4 in my journal here…

First indoor grow , and journal

Just scroll down to the most recent posts at the bottom of the topic too see recent pics. I am running a little more than just the diablo though.

Running scorpion diablo at full power (for flower) with 2 hlg uv bars, an hlg 50 high cri bar , and a fgi far red bar all mounted to the diablos heat sink. Then have a hlg flowering initiator bulb mounted on the side as well for the emerson effect so I can run a 13/11 light cycle in flower



I went with the Scorpion Rspec after corresponding with HLG support. As I planned to use it in
5x5 during flower only, the person I emailed suggested the Rspec, saying:

“Personally, I prefer the Scorpion R-spec for flower. This paired with the UVA bar seems to produce the best results when it comes to terpene expression.”

I went with his suggestion and have been completely satisfied with my choice. Regardless, if you go with HLG, and are a vet, make sure to get your discount code.


Oh yeah im sure thats a pretty valid point, the rspec is definitely more geared towards flowering, but the diablo is a better choice for using same light for both veg and flower, rspec has more yellow and green in its spectrum where the diablo has more blue . Also when did he reccomend that? Cause now that im thinking about it i got my diablo when they did the far red upgrade to it so it does have more far red spectrum than the rspec does as well @frogyrogy

the diablo has a far better efficiency rating as well if your into that kinda thing lmao

March 2, on that email.

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Light tech has always cost a lot of money. Does not matter if it was organic / animal / petrochemical fire / lamp or our current electrical / digital / led. I’ve been following this thread and then I remembered my father was raised in rural Arkansas and they didn’t have electricity until the early 1950’s. Owned the general store, post office, local cotton gin and farmed without electricity. As I’m setting here fat and happy growing weed with HLG lighting. And it still cost a lot of money. The question of Rspec / Diablo? As the owner of dual 260 Rspec and dual 350R light sets. Diablo all the way! I’ve also had the talk with HLG about spectrum between the two. And it’s pretty much a wash. Rspec has more orange, but less red and blue with no uva at all. Diablo has better red, blue and a measurable amount of uva that Rspec has absolutely none of. With having a set of both lights here at the shack to test and work over with a Kill-A-Watt, Apogee meter and near good IR Thermo. ( My old wonderful Fluke IRT finally quit last week. ) :(… One can clearly see and feel the newer Diablo boards and driver sizing / tech walk all over Rspec when it comes to efficiency, environmental management and shear photon output. While not as drastic as going from the old crap tech of HPS, CMH and so forth it’s in the same vein. Rspec will be history here after a few more grows with it and my old 260’s will get converted and upgraded to 350R compacts. I can see HLG keeping Rspec around for a while as there entry level lighting protocol and dropping the price. Then discontinuing the boards used in the 225 and Black Series thus going with a smaller even better upgraded Diablo style board with those lights.

I very much want this light for the reason of closest to canopy and doesn’t produce any heat. Overkill DLI in 4x4x6.5, but I expect, worth every penny. Santa, please.

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Without a doubt it’s my best purchase to date. I have 2 in a 4x8 and 1 in a 4x4. Anyone planning long term growing it’s a no brainer.
As you know bro I wasted a lot of time and money in the beginning with a closet full of mistakes :rofl:

I can’t recommend these lights enough. The density and quality of the buds I’m about to harvest soon is insane.