Did i veg too long Scrog

i am currently om my first grow DWC .2 600w HPS.2 white widow 2 silver haze. GH nutes.
My question is did I veg too long. currently in 2nd week of flowering and the plants are getting really tall. HELP!!
I have 8 ft ceiling and can probably raise mi light another 3 feet …thanks for any help

You are fine. If you are already in flower, you should be about through stretching. Just adjust your light accordingly, and you will be just fine. Peace

p.s. Nice BTW

Yes, most of the stretch will be only in the first couple of weeks transition to flower, after that the hormones will balance out and stretching will reduce greatly as the plants hormones have finally settled on building the buds instead of continuing the veg stretching growth. Some low stress training can still be used to help control some of the really tall stretching spears to keep them out of the light if you do run out of room.

That is a good idea. It appears you have ample space; Perhaps you could LST, IN order to provide better airflow to the under canopy, :slight_smile: