Did I over do it?

I got a 6.6x6.6x6.6ft tent with 12 plants and 2 3000w bestva lights. Is that too much light or not enough? Too many plants maybe? I’m open to ALL SUGGESTIONS

think i would go with a different choice of light! look into spyder farmer or hlg! just my option!

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@dbrn32 is the light expert

6.6 X 6.6 = 43.56 square foot

Your lights are 615 true watts x 2 = 1,230 true watts

1230/43.56 = just over 28 watts/square foot

Might want to add more lighting. Wait for dbrn32 to respond

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Definitely not too much. Not exactly sure what total output of those are, but traditional thinking is probably around half of what is recommended.

So your thinking I need to add more light? How much exactly? I definitely want to stick with led and bestva had great reviews so I took a chance I don’t necessarily have to buy bestva again for my additional lighting that’s needed but I don’t want to spend a ton, I already have a lot tied up in my first grow so cost effective is king with this @dbrn32

Have you used bestva or spider farmer personally? Just looking for some real reviews @jack181

You have to take Amazon reviews or random websites with a grain of salt in my experience. Seems like when someone leaves a bad review a lot of the companies offer free products in order to have reviews changed. And is not necessarily indicative of a bad product, but maybe not exactly what is advertised either.

Good and inexpensive aren’t often able to be used synonymously with led lighting. Maybe best to see how you do with what you have. They could be plenty to meet your expectations.


I will also point out that these lights advertised are using much lower quality LED’s (not all LED’s are equal!) and have greatly exaggerated claims.

If you want to go with good lights you are going to have to look at Horticulture Lighting Group, Spider Farm, CHILled Logic, California Light Works or d.i.y.

That 28 watts per square foot is about half what you need to flower out your space. With late model high end LED’s that would be plenty. The rest on your lights is wasted in out of usable spectrum light and heat.


Do you think I should be running them with both veg and bloom switches on during the veg process? Or should I just use veg light during veg and bloom during bloom and use both during the switch? I heard all different kinds of ways

You pretty much have to.


Okay, I will do that now👍

So how would you do your lay out with what I have, and if it was you what spider farmer light would you add and how would you do you layout of everything in my 6.6x6.6x6.6 help me get the best bang for my buck

I have been very happy with my spider :spider: farmer lights so far.

What setup are you running?

Are you running autos or photos, because 12 mature plants in a 42sqft area may be a little tight on space! What size container?

You can review actual grows on you tube just use you tube search bar and type in your light looks like a good veg light and not as good for flower blurple is ok for weed just not as good as the newer led s like drbrn said if this is your first grow 12 plants is very ambitious even if you grow 1 strain I am currently growing 2 plants different strains and have to feed them different just something to think about good luck and happy growing gl

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Yeah I’m growing all the same strain, and @dbrn32 I just ordered a spider farm sf2000 does that sound good to you?


5 gallon pots final, current is 2 gallon grow bags

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