Did I FIM by mistake? - WW DWC

Hi all

2nd attempt at a DWC grow. Started very badly but has now powered through.

2 x 2 Tent
5Gal Cheap DWC
300W Kingbo LED (about 120W really but replaced a 125W CFL)
Canna A+B and PK13/14 for flowering

Temps are between 70 - 78
Water temp between 68/73 (had a hot spell in the UK and it was really hard to keep the temp of the water down) but its under control now and never goes above 71
PH I am moving up and down between 5.5 and 6.2 as I add nutes or water. I am sure I read somewhere, possibly on here as I am a lurker more than a poster, that vedge and flower get the right nutes if you allow it to fluctuate a bit between the top and the bottom.

Seed popped on 29/05

Started badly

And looked very sad for a week and grew slowly.
10/06 - Changed water and added 5ml of A+B so it was really a low concentration (I have the water about 1" or so below the pot so am guessing about 3 gals of actual water)

11/06 - Roots appears overnight and the plant looks much happier.

Its been growing like mad.

20/06 - I tried something I have never done before.

Its only 2 nodes high but I changed the water, adjusted the nutes to 25% and FIMMED.

Never FIMed an auto before , let alone 2 nodes in but the plant was really exploding so I thought I would give it a try and see. I know there are various opinions on whether you should do it on an auto and some do and some dont.


Hard to see if theres 2 new branches on the side now plus one in the center with part of the cut leaf growing then yes

This is a bit easier to see.

Cant tell with the light and take a closer pic at the cut center

Yes, I will but its in dark right now. Ill get a close up and post it up. Thanks

@Oldie46 So you can follow along :slight_smile:

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Just know that if u see 3 or 4 growths where u cut then yes its fimmed if only 2 new branches then topped. Ubwill see part of that leaf u didnt cut all the way growing

Here we go.

Doesnt look like its having a problem and has grown side shoots since this morning when I checked.


Still cant see it clearly up close but from what i think i see it does look like fimmed instead of topped

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Looks good.

Ph to 5.8 for hydro with fluctuations from 5.6 to 5.9.

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If it was topped there would be nothing in the middle.

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definately fimmed then. 2 nodes is early so lets see what happens :slight_smile:

I seem to now have a badly bending leaf and one the opposite doing it too.
Any suggestions?

Ur ph could be out of wack but if thats dwc then i cant help with that

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Id start with checking ph, if its on point the. Id back off the nutes a little bit. Im not a htdro person either but your leaf tip can curl from many things.

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PH is 5.88 so pretty much on point but I have just bumped the nutes up. Ill add some water to thin it out :slight_smile:

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We are having a mad heatwave. My water temps are in the high 80’s. I am trying to swap out the water for cooler water as we go into the night and temps drop hoping that it stays lower. I guess it looks like I should be getting hydroguard to stop root rot. They look ok at the moment. White at the bottom and stained by the nutes towards the top.

It will be thunderstorms in 2 days…aarrgghh.

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Its a bit of a bodge job but has brought the water temp down to early 70’s from the 80’s

Hopefully do the job until the temp drops again
@Oldie46 @RoDeezyDoe @appleyardjr267 @peachfuzz (I seem to remember you are a hydro man)


You can use frozen water bottles in a pinch , it just gets harder to do when the plant gets bigger…

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I have hydroguard on the way for some extra assistance :slight_smile:

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