Did I FIM by mistake? - WW DWC

So the #Heath Robinson water cooler seems to have helped and dropped the temps to 77 but the tent is nearly 90 so I would say thats working. I currently have 2 fans pointing at it and the doors are open.
Heres a top shot

And a side view not in blurple showing where it was fimmed

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So Ive been in hospital for a week… look whats gone on…

Day before I went in

After a week…

Hoping the stretch has finished as I was about to start LST and I think Im a bit late now and going to run out of space soon…

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Got some drooping on the tops of the plants. Sorry for the blurple.

but the majority of the plant is fine

PH 5.85
Temps 70 - 78
RH 45 - 55%
Water temps 68

Last big feed 10 days ago - 40ml Canna A + B (about 70%) and 25ml PK 13/14 (about 50%)
Have topped up with plain water or nutes depending on TDS to keep it around 1000ppm as its early stages of flower.

No smell from roots which are a bit brown stained from the nutes but dont feel slimey, dont smell and there are still new roots appearing from the bottom of the pot, which is about 2" above the water ( as I have just topped it up) so the plant is healthy. Apart from the droopy, there are no discolorations of the leaves.

Any suggestions?

@peachfuzz @RoDeezyDoe @BetrayedSoul @appleyardjr267 @Oldie46

Sounds like everything is in order…
Its possible that your led is a tad to close…
It looks like the top two shoots are doing it… :thinking:
Maybe raise your light a couple of inches and see what happens… :+1::wink:

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Im as high as I can be on the LED. Its too late to scrog so I have them tied back to keep them as far away as I can. There is about 12" but I have all the branches tied back to the inside of the tent so its not so intense. I could shorten the clips on the light. that would give me about 5 or 6".

Thanks @peachfuzz

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