Dennis 62 simple grow #18

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@Dennis62 thanks for the invite, always happy to see you work that miracle grow bro. I’ll be cking in from time to time :timer_clock:. Also still posting a few pictures on Fatz1973 old tread. Have one Gfog getting really close :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::beers::beers::v::sunglasses:


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Good afternoon yall here we are with two seedlings :sweat_smile: both Ethos girls are up today and 11 roses is a white elbow so she should be up tomorrow. So I need to get busy and start this thread, I will get with it soon, but here’s Mandarin sunset, then member berry. Happy growing yall more later


Okay yall we have life😅 for me that is the hard part, I can handle it from here lol…
So first off I will just explain my germination process, out of 18 grows I’ve had 1 failure :thinking: I fill my 3 gal plastic pots with miracle grow potting mix and I make a 1/2" deep hole in middle and drop in a seed, cover lightly and then I take a full 16oz cup of water and pouring carefully in circles around the seed until the 16oz cup is empty in like a 4 inch circle, this causes the water to go deeper into the soil around where the tap root will go in the next few days. The only thing I did was take care not to let the top 1//2 inch dry out with a couple tablespoons of water until I see life, works well for me

Okay I started using Miracle grow potting mix in 2017 when it became legal in Nevada, I read Bergmens grow guides, I over fed and one of my first two plants died but the other tolerated it and I was thrilled to have 2+ ounce of bud. But it was fluffy and I knew I needed marijuana specific nutes, grow #2 went fantastic and I have been tweaking my grows here and there but was pretty regular and successful since, but this is my first time changing anything I have been doing since grow 2, and I am a little apprehensive to do without the non nitrogen supplements that I used called Speedyveg, I will see if it makes any difference lol :laughing: It gave lots of stuff just miracle grow doesn’t. I do have a plan using my the grow nutes from my 3 part marijuana related nutes, but as you know miracle grow is very hot and I have to be careful.
To start off I wet the area around and below the seed with the 16oz of water during planting, note the rest of the soil in the pot is DRY so excess moisture is drawn to the dry soil and my root zone will get damp but soil cannot be soggy, so no over Watering. So I essentially wet an area 4 inch in diameter and about 4 or 5 inches deep. Pre dampening soil ahead of the roots BUT not wetting the soil around and below. Miracle grow potting mix has time released nutes that start when the soil gets wet. So I am only wetting and releasing time released nutes the seedings can handle, later I will be wetting ahead of the root by watering by the size of the plant, as deep as the plant is tall and wider than the leafs drip line.
I love miracle grow potting mix which is basically wood chips and sphagnum and peat moss with some coco and perlite, its got great drainage, with moisture retention from the mosses, so this medium is close to coco with chemical NP&K on constant feed. The moisture retention so I can water every few days during seedling stage but every other day most of their life. I actually consider my grow a modified hydro, kinda like a flood and drain system. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself lol :upside_down_face: with the 16oz of water I will not need to add any for days, and the little ones are off to a good start. :+1: Anyway guys that is it for now. Tomorrow is another day. Happy growing yall till next time. Thanks to all of you following great to see you guys :innocent: Hope everyone is having a great weekend


I am intrigued by your MG grows. If you don’t mind me asking what other nutrients do you use? I have been using ED and the ED I got when they stated they were going out of business I purchased several bags of base and boost. I have a WW in that pot and it is looking very hungry. The other two plants I have are in the old soil that had been cooking for several months. I believe I will have to amend the new ED on my next grow or I might consider MG. Sorry for being so long winded Have a great day. :blush::v:


Good afternoon @Flitme I feel ya on the discontinued earth dust I have seen others on here looking for replacement nutes because of it. This is the nute line I have been using since second grow, has 3 part grow, flowering and pk booster

But I was using a product called Speedyveg which I used during seedling stage because it has no nitrogen but other goodies like humic and fulvic acids and many micro and macro nutrients. But I have been using it since my second grow, so I dont know what just mg will do. I intend to use my flower power nutes earlier than I use to, but I have to be careful because miracle grow potting mix is very hot :fire: my normal first run off ppms can be as high as 4000… Another thing I should mention is the grow nutes are suggested to add to inert soil (such as coco) before planting, but I can’t add in soil to miracle grow it would push my ppms even higher. So I will start adding grow nutes in water in small doses of about 5 grams to a 2 liter bottle of water. So I am adding organic matter to my otherwise inert soil, miracle grow potting mix has proper NP&K but lacks other minerals. We will see how this grow goes. I don’t like to call miracle grow potting mix soil, because it is an inert material with added chemical NP&K
Losing Speedyveg may or may not be important to my grow, will not know till the fat lady sings lol.
The flowering nutes are designed to add as a top dressing. I hope this helps my friend but I am afraid I don’t have any answers at this point. I am sure my grow will be successful but what problems will I have? Hope you are having a great Sunday :+1: I agree with the others your plant is pale but that far into flower you should be fine, looking fantastic in your grow :grinning:


Thank you so much for the valuable information. I will be looking into all of this. :blush::v:


Okay yall here we are at DAY 1 of this grow, I have 3 girls up today and still no movement by Sugar black rose. I assume my grow is Mandarin sunset by Ethos and Member berry also by Ethos and 11 Roses by Delicious seeds

My light is centered above the four pots so seedlings bend to the center and I rotate the girls so they do a hulla dance back and forth. I am ever amazed at how empty my closet seems, and again how fast it fills up, next month it will be wall to wall lol.

Anyway you guys I just smoked some of my resent harvest, Marmalate and I am stoned lol :laughing:
Hope everyone is having a great day :innocent: Happy growing yall DAY 1 wooo hooo


I have to say you have the coolest closet ever :blush::v::sunglasses:


Thank you my friend, oh the nutes I use come from Spain so it takes a while to get it here in the states :grinning: all my starting stuff came from overseas seeds too mj stuff was hard to find in the states then lol @Flitme


Ethos is the last breeder on my list that I haven’t tried yet. I was looking at the Pineapple Runtz Autos. I can’t get them in time for my next grow, but hopefully before the one after that.


Can’t vouch for their autos, but all the photos have proven to be great frosty productive plants :+1: 100% germ rate, since we are here this is the 2 I have going

I have 4 of their strains and 5 of delicious seeds indica line :yum:
11 Roses is delicious seeds and its a 100% indica with a possible thc of 25% all have been awesome plants. @Cap_Ron


Nice selection! Been want to run member berry for awhile! Following along!


Thanks @Thumper Mandarin sunset was winner for good yield and quality. Member berry had some beautiful buds, fair yield at 3.5 ounces, but she grew more column like instead of round bush. Straight up branches with little to no lateral branching. I grew both in grow #15 if ya care to see that one :+1: I am giving it a 2nd go and will reserve judgment till this round lol :laughing: I need to go back and look at that grow, my memory isn’t so good ha ha Appreciate you following along my friend :v:Have a great week man


Good afternoon yall here we are at day 3 and all is well with my girls and I gave them a drink today, 5 days ago I used a 16oz cup of water to pre dampen the seed well remember there is dry soil around and below where I wet before, some of that moisture evaporated into the dry soil, so today I watered with another 16oz cup pouring in tight circles around each seeding focusing the moisture downwards. I know there is moist soil for the seedings but in my grow as I said its a modified flood and drain, so I flood the root zone every few days and get them used to it even from seedling. These 3gal pots will take a couple weeks before I get to Watering them to run off, little at a time. Okay I want to get some grow time nutes in putting some organic micro and macro nutrients and added mycorrziha for roots. I only added 250 ppms cause I know miracle grow adds npk. Now I allow a few days before flooding again.

I know people say don’t pour around the stalk, well with good draining soil the top of the soil dries out so no worries about rot etc especially since I have a fan blowing on them from day one, I don’t worry about humidity domes, its a plant you water it and it grows. I don’t have time for stalls. As always I stress good draining soil also allows oxygen to permeate to roots from the dry soil around them. I don’t worry about roots not getting oxygen. Anyway here are my girls today doing well, and I dug out 4th seed Sugar black rose and found the seed and it had a very small root so I reburied it and am keeping soil damp maybe she will pop lol anyways yall hope everyone is having a great week happy growing yall :innocent: until next time