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Good day yall here we are at the beginning of my new grow :+1: I have a close to 100% germ rate, because my last grow I lost my first on in 15 grows, so this grow I am starting 4 just in case, but will be keeping 3, 4th will be given away. Will see what happens. Here is my lineup #1 Golosa from delicious seeds #2 Early lemon berry from Ethos genetics #3 Sugar black rose from delicious seeds and #4 Super skunk from Ilgm…
These are the top yielding plants from past grows, and all were highly effective and liked weeds. All four of these weeds are indica dominant strains that produced nice round bushes with fairy close internodal spacing, with nice dense bud that have great caylx to leaf ratio. For my closet I range from 2 1/2 oz to 6oz, my average for photos is 4 1/4oz at this time. These four 4.8 to 6

Okay as always this is a simple grow in a 2x6x6 closet with nothing but some hlg 100s for lighting and a couple clip-on fans. This is a closed grow no ventilation, no humidifier etc etc Lights fan thats it.
I run my lights till 8pm so I can leave closet door open anytime I need for as long as I want, during flower from the time I wake up till 8pm… I am using Miracle grow potting mix in 3gal plastic pots, with the seed planted straight into the soil. I will supplement with organic nutes. Thats it!!! Pretty simple

Here’s where I start, I fill 4 3gal pots with potting mix packed firm, I place a seed 1/2 inch down in center of each pot,cover lightly, then to start off I very carefully pour a 16oz cup water in very close circles around the seed until the 16oz is empty. OKAY REMEMBER THE REST OF THE POT IS DRY SOIL, VERY IMPORTANT. This is for a few reasons and I will explain each, Here’s where we are

#1 Everyone knows how hot :fire: miracle grow is!!! Well I am not going to argue, when I get to Watering to run off the first time the run off ppms can be as high as 2700 to 3400 SO TO KEEP SEEDLINGS FROM GETTING BURNED I ONLY WET THE AREA NEEDED FOR ROOT GROWTH, if I pre wet the whole pot I’d be activating all the time released nutes, so by using a 16oz cup of water I am only releasing a part of the time nutes, until the plant is bigger I will not wet the soil except this once

#2 Once I pour in that 16oz I have wet a circle 6 inches and maybe 6 inches deep, and the rest of the soil is dry as a popcorn fart, so I know the excess moisture is being absorbed SO I CAN NEVER OVER WATER. I will at this point only dampen the top 1/2 inch as needed to keep seed moist not soaking, could use a sprayer for this but I use my cup with just a little water till the seeds sprout. The soil below the seed is moist for the tap root for a week or so, once the seedlings are about a week old I start teaching them that I flood the root zone (as dictated by hight and width of each plant) once every three days at first. Only using enough water to wet the soil at least as deep as the plant is tall and wider than the plants leaf reach. As the plants get bigger the deeper and wider using more water, and after another week or more plants should be getting wide and tall enough to water to run off.
#3 I treat growing miracle grow potting mix kinda like a hydro or flood and drain, kinda like a coco grow I never let my my soil dry out as some do. Plants get plenty of oxygen from its surface roots
and around the pots side as oxygen is invasive and gets to the roots. Wetting the root zone every few days Also allows it to dry out just enough. Miracle grow potting mix is peat and sphagnum moss, perlite, and forest products (wood chips) AND chemical NP&K time released nutes, and I will not need to add any of those till ppms start going down. And I water every few days instead of every day like coco because the mosses retain moisture better than coco.
#4 As you can see miracle grow potting mix has NO real SOIL, DIRT, and no organic nutes till peat starts breaking down, BUT I Start adding organic materials from seedlings stage which have no nitrogen so it won’t burn seedlings and other organic nutes later in veg.
So here we go my friends this should be a wash rinse and repeat, as these methods have been tested and retested, I have tried a few things that I will not try again, and since my nutes accomplish the job great adding organic matter whichIlike, but it is a little pricey. I did try other popular nute brand and had problems, most likely because of the miracle grow, but I am back to what works for me.
These work arounds work great for me and it limits things that could go wrong, only real wild card is genetics and I have grown these stains before but of course that is no guarantee with seeds lol, one could look like Uncle Bert! But I have faith in my seed breeders of a good product as long as I do my job.
Sorry for getting long winded but want everyone to know my reasoning. I don’t treat my plants any different than if they were in the ground, I put them in full sun (well all my boards got at 15 to 18 inches, and I put a fan on them from day one. All is good here today I’m happy to get this show on the road. Hopefully everyone is on board :pray: I look forward to yall hanging in the foreground or background :grinning: I will be updating when we get movement. In the meantime here are tags for people who showed interest in my last grow, but always welcome newcomers :+1: Enough for now, happy growing yall
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Good afternoon all, I am off to a great start :grinning: I thought I would quickly let newcomers know my growing conditions.
Well I live in a old folks apartment, very nice but the draw back I have a manager inspect, walk through every spring, and a maintenance man in my bedroom every 6 months to change batteries in the smoke detector while changing the air filter in ac, then he is in twice more where he doesn’t go into the bedroom. SO I can’t have a tent or modify the closet in anyway… and I time my grows to get in 3 grows before the next inspection :+1: And part of why I am happy today :blush: I had inspection yesterday, and maintenance man showed up today where he went into bedroom!!! So I don’t have to worry for a long time :pray: Okay so when weed became legal in 2017 I decided to grow on the down low in my closet, I read Ilgm Bergmens grow guides, bought seeds and old burple lights and it has been progressing since then. But here is how I do, ALL I HAVE OUTSIDE THE CLOSET IS A END OF THE EXTENSION CORD AND TIMER!!! I can see the maintenance man coming (never has he caught me off guard) so when I see him I go into the bedroom unplug the timer an toss it in the closet and shut the door. The only draw back is the SMELL, nothing I can do when they are in flower etc but I just act like nothing going on lol. Anyway drama last grow, I think the maintenance man knows Anyway but he acts like nothing is happening too. But I am confident all is well for me to do my thing. Anyway the weed gods have been kind to me, but I grateful that I have not gone a day without weed, have bought some dispensary weed, and my daughter and a network of friends here get me extra lol. I did kill one of my first two plants, but got 2 1/2 ounce of good buds and it has been a experience every since. I am back to growing the same nutes and techniques I started in grow #2 back then I didn’t know miracle grow was bad, but I learned extra mj specific nutes were a must on this grow guide. And I had great success even with cheap lights. I got 6 grows in before I found this forum and everything changed in my first grow #7 and now I am 3+years and on grow 16. It is all in my journals all the ups and downs. But back to the basics.
Any how this is how and why my Simple grow started and how I got to where I am today. Sorry for rambling on my last set of ladies gave me some awesome bud that makes my mind go lol
Yum Mandarin sunset from last grow is now my favorite, shes still curing but man its a beautiful sweet berry tasting bud that has a killer high :yum:

Thanks everyone for hanging with me on this hopefully never ending journey :pray: Happy Friday yall and happy growing


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