Delarfing and opinions on it. First timer

Opinions on delarfing


Anything below the blue line even suckers under 3 inchs long would be a good start. Then post a pic of the whole plant.


Forgot pic


Sometimes I do Sometimes I don’t :man_shrugging:
Mostly with photos I do heavy defoliation lower 30% or so.

With autos it all depends on plants structure, if it’s larger and very harder, did well with topping and leaf plucking along the way then yeah it may get a little lollipoping.

But if plucking leafs seemed to slow it or topping slowed it, I don’t do it alot with autos.

I simply spread it open to expose every site the best I can and smoke it all :grin:


Personally I lean towards cutting that lower stuff off. I don’t want my.plants wasting their energy on any of that lower stuff, so I’ve pretty much been cutting it all off from the beginning. Give me about a month and I’ll give you a definitive answer :joy:
I really think it depends on a lot of things, the strain, the overall health of the plant, how quickly it’s growing, it’s environment, etc.
But I sure as hell did it to mine :joy:


Hi i lollipop and defoliated my autos i also do a lot of lst training and i fim my autos i havent experienced any slow growth with doing all this it may come down to genetics or something here is a pic of my girls

I have to defoliate my girls again


Nice and even node stacking !

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That too
I do like to keep the lower 1/3 pretty open for airflow.



Depends on when in the stages your plants are and type… Photo period or autos.

I grow fem photos… I veg for about 8 weeks with done LST and lite pruning to aid in air circulation at soil level and through the canopy.

A week to a few days before switching from 18/6 to 12/12 light schedule I prune pretty hardcore… Removing everything including small branches at the bottom leaving a few nodes towards the branch tips… Bare below.

Then after the flip…tge plants usually grow 2-3 times their size at veg.

Then about 21 days I do a final trim/prune to clean things up a bit.

Have increased my large bud numbers and greatly reduced my larf to almost nothing.

Good luck… Keep us informed!


@Aussie_autos is on the money. I’ve debated with numerous people on this subject, but I have also fimmed, topped, trimmed, plucked, tucked, done LST and damn near everything u can to my autos. They were never stunted by any of it, they never slowed down as far as growth, they didn’t come up short as far as final dry weight. I get rid of the bottom of the plants growth for sure like dude up top said to about the blue line, sometimes a little higher but not by much. Any huge fan leaves covering sites get plucked, and if it just seems way too congested in the center of the plant, I’ll trim a little bit to let air and light in.


Happy cake day @JiggaMan1987 save me a slice :cake: :ice_cream: :package: :tada:

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Keep it so you can have tester bud the whole way through. Like test a bud in week 6, 7, 8 and so on till you know it’s right

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I prune it all away before flower, leaving only the very growth tip on the branches that I’ve decided are “mains”. I like fat cola buds - they’re pretty to look at and easy to trim. By removing the larf you force her to focus all her energy on those. Any larf that I missed just gets “shucked” into the trim pile for edibles or hash.

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just an example