Defoliation? What to take and what not too?

So I’m on my second grow. Me and the miss are having a huge debate. Do you take all the big fan leaves of when you go in to flower or leave them? I say leave them but she is sure we need to strip them all. Here is a pic of our plant

I think we’ve went way to far this is about week 5 of flower


Short answer is LEAVE THEM.
Think about all of those leaves absorbing light, and making energy (sugars) for this big beautiful buds to form. If you take them away they can’t produce as much.
Or think of them as solar panels, if you remove all of them, what’s going to make the power?


That’s what I thought. Thanks for the insite!

If you have a dense scrog with a lot of overgrowth, and the leaves are interfering each other, significantly shading budsites, and/or restricting the airflow in the scrog, a trim is in order. I waited to long to trim and am now fighting white powdery mildew.


6 pack is right it all depends on the situation. How I have kept up with mine normally before flower I would take the ones that are blocking some of the lower bud sites then after that one more clean up to make sure you have good airflow 2 weeks into flowering. Then for the rest of flowering u just clean up a little to not stress plant out or take away from your harvest. Also can be strain dependent because some strains are mold resistant and wouldn’t take as much cleaning up. This helped me. ScrOG blOG™


You only need to remove leaves if they are dying off or blocking light/airflow from competing bud sites. Your plant is nice and spread out and you should be fine leaving the remaining leaves from here on out :v::bear:


I agree with the others don’t remove the fan leaves they will turn and start falling off in time on there own later in flower
Some pruning is ok to open canpopy for more light penitration and air flow
I remove most of the lower growth in flower as well