Deficiency or normal fading near the end of flower?

I’ve got some Aurora that is about 6 7 weeks into flowering, this is my first grow so I’m still getting my green thumb, do these pictures indicate a deficiency, or does this look like normal fading for this stage.

Thanks for the help folks


Hi @Kaosfury welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: it looks to me that they are a little hungry and low on calcium they use alot of calcium as they start to flower giving em a good dose of flower food should be enough to get em back on track unless you are using distilled or ro water, if that’s the case you might want to add in some calmag


I can absolutely agree with that, I’ve been using the lower dosage of cal-mag 3 mg per gallon and the lower dose of General Hydroponics bloom because I’m scared to fry them.

I use regular tap water, my water is decent to use

So the next time around I’ll make sure I use the normal dosage of nutrients on a normal schedule

Appreciate it friend


I wouldn’t pound them with food but I would increase it a little they look good and are just doing what they are supposed to leaves are used to store food for them to use when the roots aren’t getting them enough for whatever reason. Just watch your ph when feeding and they should finish up nicely for you


I like MeEasy’s answer. Natural fading is typically seen on the oldest and lowest fans first and works its way up as you approach harvest


Looks like normal fade with some calcium def.

It is kinda hard to overdose with cal-mag, it’s pretty mild. :wink:
And welcome to the community.


rock and roll, knowledge nom nom nom.

yea, like most folks, i plan to enjoy this reefer, and heard and read lots of horror stories about to much to fast and burning them up and 4-5 months down the drain… next grow ill adjust. love all the help folks.

going to be a good christmas this year.

and about the cal mag comment, good, i didnt know it was not as rough, ill give what bottle recommends on every watering, avoid this next time


Why don’t you try a banana and cucumber skin tea it is good for flowering both the banana and cucumber skin have high potassium and phosphorus great for flowering plants .peel one cucumber keep the skin and get the skins from four bananas chop up the skins put into stocking or mesh bag put in 20ltrs of water bubble for 24 hours before feeding to plants add 10ml of fish shit and stir now water


i have been scared to try some things, being my first grow, just getting ot the finish line is important.

but what you recommended sounds easy, and i will defiantly do that…going to ask the wife for banana cream pie and a cucumber salad for dinner, lol…and steal the peels, lol

additional question. this is organic, so you recommend every 2 or 3 weeks after flipping to flower? whats your advice for how often to use the tea?

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In the banana and cucumber tea recipe you said…bubble for 24 hours… do you mean just let it sit in a container and just steep overnight? Fill me in on what you mean by Bubble

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I believe most would use it as a supplement every feeding or as the plant shows signs.

Use aquarium air pump and bubble stone. Can also used to de-chlorinate tap water.

I’m not sure what you are feeding them but if it’s a cannabis specific food (flower food in this case) it’s probably pretty balanced for cannabis and imo most people especially newer growers throw off the balance of the food by adding in a bunch of different foods because almost every mineral can change the availability of another mineral or multiple minerals it’s science beyond my mental ability :laughing: :rofl: but can really throw your plants into a complete lockout. These companies spend many years testing and creating the foods to provide our plants with a balanced diet. This chart kinda explains what I’m saying


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Looks like Cal-mag deficiency with those orange tan brown spots.

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I was using the General Hydroponics Flora grow Flora micro and Flora bloom. But I was only using like 5 and 1 ml per gallon when it recommends more than that and I was only feeding them like every 3 weeks so like every 4th watering

Now I know I don’t have to be so scared because my plants are actually telling me they’re hungrier so next time I’ll just use a little more and see what the plants tell me, but I’d rather go less than too much oh, but I would not have known without everybody’s help because I’m still very new at judging what I’m seeing when it comes to plant stuff


Welcome ! community members has got you covered. :leaves: Leafs Suggesting she is Hungry.

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Welcome to the community. You are getting great advice. You will learn what works best for you and anytime you get stuck you can get it figured out right here. Happy Growing :blush::v:

I’m about to hang my Xmas trees to smoke myself. Bah humbug.

I normally gave it to them once a week or twice a week just depends on yourself ,