Dedicated Bud Refrigerator

Curious if anyone uses a refrigerator for storing buds once cured. Before too much longer the temps where I store my jars may exceed 70. Not the best temp for storing buds. I am thinking of a freezerless refrigerator in order to have consistent lower temps to store my buds.


I have heard of folks that get a wine cooler and set it to the warmest setting which is around 60 degrees, and use this for long term storage for dried and cured bud. I cant remember who it was but you may be able to find it with the search function. I will see what i can find.

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here it is

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I avoid the fridge. The typcal fridge is 16% RH. I store mine in a drawer where is is cool, ambient RH, and no light in Ball jars.

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I didn’t think RH would be an issue since I store in canning jars with sealing lids. Something to look into

thanks for the link and info

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In theory since in sealed canning jars it should hold but thats 38 degrees not 70. Dont know if that would cause condensation. All conditions the same62 percent rh and temp lowered from 70 to 38 rh will go way up. Could it condensate in the jar maybe even rain im not sure but worth considering.

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You want a thermoelectric wine cooler. If you want to go one step further, check out the guys making humidors out of them.


I wanna think for some reason that bstarr had the wine fridge