Decarboxylate fresh or dry flower?

Can I use fresh flower to decarb, or do I need to let it air cure until the limbs snap? Have Trainwreck that is stinking up everything, even with a 6 inch scrubber system filtering my 5X5 closet. Want to turn it into olive oil asap to get my house back. Went to the doctor today, and my clothes were so strong I was very nervous someone would say something.


Dried bud and leaves.

Yes u can use fresh flowers and leaves.

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Some recipes call for fresh butter I recomend picking up a cannabis cookbook

@WillieWeed your best results are to allow it to cure, but if you’re in a pinch, it can be done.
Short answer, yes.


curing will bring out the oils and terpene’s which helps with the taste

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If you’re only planning on turning it all into oil/butter, you don’t need to dry it or cure it. Just decarb it and make butter.

All my clothes reek during harvest weeks. Sometimes I’m walking around in public, smell really good weed, and realize it’s me.

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If you decarb wet, it will take longer b/c of the moisture in the material. I don’t cure, but I do allow my bud and/or trim to dry before decarbing.

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