De-carb'd dope shelf life?

I have about 3/4 of a pound of trimmings, popcorn buds and shake that I use to make “Green Dragon” tincture.

I have it in quart mason jars, with 2 ounces of dope in each.

I HATE de-carb’ing. I have to do it in my house and it stinks to high heaven. I was wondering about shelf life.

  • if I de-carb it all at one time, how long will it last if I put it back in the mason jars?

  • if I de-carb it all and turn it into Green Dragon tincture, how long do you think it will last?

Finally, I usually de-carb 2 ounces at a time, spread out on a backing sheet. (245°f for 45 minutes) Can I de-carb in the mason jars? Just throw them in the oven with the tops off…



Put your plant material in a Mason jar, screw the lid down loosely and decarb as normal. That eliminates almost all of the stink.

If you put either your plant material or tincture in the freezer it will last for years.


Thank you my virtual friend! :beers:

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We decarb a half ib at a time in turkey bags and when they cool off i put them in freezer til needed smell is minimal.

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I de-carb’d 5 mason jars of dope. 245 for 50-55 minutes.

It did not get as brown as when I used a baking sheet.

How do you know its properly de-carb’d?

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Because you ran it at temp for the proper amount of time.


I needed this :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Listen here! Lol

I was just concerned about the material in the middle of the jars. That it would get hot enough for long enough.

I was wondering if it would look a certain way under my microscope or something like that.

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I decarb out side in an air fryer. I put in a mason jar with lid barely tight and run it 230 degrees for 30 minutes. I smell nothing near the fryer and for sure from inside looking at the airfryer on my deck.

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The plant material has very little thermal mass so should get to temp pretty quickly. 240F for 40 minutes is plenty and you’re doing an hour so you’re good.


I have a machine from active guys. Put you weed in, key in temp/time & decarb. Press start & go your merry way. You don’t have to watch it. It beeps when done. What I love is that you can also infuse w your choice oil/alcohol. I’ve made oil that kicked my butt till I got dosage down. I make my own soaps/deodorants & will use oils infused with the herb I want in my products. You still get smell when decarb but I love it.


Thats like the sousvide i have, set temp & time, vacuum seal weed in bag, drop in water and leave til timer goes off. Then add oil or butter, set timer , leave til timer goes off, done. Easy peasy. :laughing:

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@TT I’ve heard of that put never tried or seen it before. Sounds interesting. When infusing I usually leave oil on very low for a few hours with the herb so it’s stronger.

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Yep, same thing except this controls the temp so there is NEVER a chance of burning,

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I might try the fish recipe tomorrow in it

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