Day 70 from germination ready to harvest?

This is a plant that has only seen 12 hour light cycles. It’s a GSC FEM. Cant wait to rip into this one.

Lots of white pistils. They are fattening up, but not ready yet. Should be a couple of weeks.


Once those pistols colour up and start receeding youve still probably got another week or more. These are at least 3 or 4 weeks away.


Like @MidwestGuy and @Fergus said another 3-4 weeks away.

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Nicely manicured ladies. I can’t tell but they look like three sets of branches plus the topped main. Or am I missing the manifold / mainline?

You are correct. This is only one of 4 in the 4x4 with a fresh SF4000 at 80%. This was really a test to see if a veg cycle was needed. I always lost control and ended up with plants that had to be bent in half to fit. With no veg this lady still made it to 4ft tall and is already the biggest I’ve done to date.

Yeah the 12/12 to keep them small kinda goes out the window. It’s really the training that keeps them in check. @MrPeat grew a 7 footer on 12/12 from seed.


@Fergus your canopy is awesome. Are they autos or photos? Mind sharing your technique? I’m learning on the fly and have 2 new autos that are about ready for some training just not sure which direction to go with them

Hey @Pinboy
Im fairly new too so we all learning together.
These are photos Ill tag you in my grow.
No training just topped or fimmed.


I did not top. I did a defoliate when it revealed sex and what you see is the results. I only gave it tiger bloom and cal mag every other watering. The next pic I post will be one of skunk at 42 days from seed. She’s gonna be a nice one.

I will be defoliating this girl tonight.