Day 69 flower Dream Queen

I’m sitting at day 69 of flower I have 3 photo using Fox farm soil, ILGM nutrients pack. I started flushing about week and half ago just cutt off nutrients and giving ph water. I have all solid cloudy tri but no ambers. My question is do I keep waiting for ambers or do I harvest maybe this weekend. I do see some looks like maybe fresh white hairs but most are red. What should I do? I know pictures are not the best one of my plants just stretched all over the tent so it’s hard to get hole pictures


Damn got ya some leaners there

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Looks to me like your plant(s) are foxtailing. Depending on where you look you will see trichomes with more amber. The tops where new pistils are forming will never appear ready.

My suggestion is to decrease the amount of light they are getting, both in intensity and duration, to end the foxtailing. If you can wait a few more weeks before harvest it would be nice but not necessary.

Yes things are very heavy lol

I’m trying to wait as long as I can is it ok to keep pushing with already flushing a week and half ago. I can dim lights and drop to like 10 on 14 off?

10 hours on would be good.

As to flushing…. a study came out a few years back with blind taste testing that suggests that flushing does nothing to improve the taste, in fact it does just the opposite when you starve the plant the last few weeks. I think many of the long time forum members are getting away from flushing based on how often the discussion comes up.

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Oh I did not know this all I have heard was flush flush flush. So what do you think the best step is keep just water or should I add alittle nuts back in but I will definitely keep that in mind in future thank you

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Water feed the last 2 weeks leading up to harvest, beats a flush everyday :love_you_gesture:

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I’m in the no flush camp. Feed those suckers. Decrease light a little, and give ‘em a couple more weeks.


Will it stress them out or cause issue if I just start feeding them again a lot of leaves are yellow and coloring already

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No, you can feed right up to harvest. If their hungry they’ll absorb and use the nutrients you provide :love_you_gesture:

Sweet thank you

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Lmao ok I will feed them lmao

So I just went in and checked on them and turn down lights and one of my big top buds that was getting really heavy just bent over and was hanging by the string what to do now? I tryed to love string higher up to try to raise back up but no room unless I wrap around the bud lol wich I don’t think is an option. So now one big bud bent the stem and is now dangling I’m thinking best bet is maybe to give a couple days and harvest and next grow don’t worry about flush and feed untel the end?? Please help lol

Yeah me too, havent flushed my last 5 harvests. No difference what so ever in the final product other than the bud rot issue has since gone! Growing in Coco and using synthetic powders.

Oh yes, and as @Dexterado pointed out, raising your lights ( or decreasing intensity ) in the last 2-3 weeks of flower will help with the fox-tailing for your next grow. Those are some damn good looking solids you have bending there lol

This is the one that bent stem I tryed to raise best I could this one is atleast a ounce if not way more :rofl:

Ok I went in and opened the tent up to show whole grow and give better look. My smallest plant got a nutrient burn a few weeks back and I had to cutt of most burnt leaves that’s why it looks like that but other two did not get that