Day 5 flowering,should i be trimming alot more?

Hey farmer friends i just thought since i had such friendly help on my first question on here i would give it another go.I have been trimming these things pretty much every other day for at least a month now but when i turn back around…PÒOF! this is day 5 into flowering so im alittle split in my thoughts on how far to go.Do more experienced farmers take um way back or shout i leave it a imple like this ? Any thoughts are welcome they are afgahn indica and man they love to grow.


I did it both ways - stripping everything as it emerged, and leaving everything totally alone.

I have arrived at “leave it alone unless it’s in the way.” And by “in the way” I mean if the fan leaves are so insanely large that they cast a bigger shadow than they could absorb light, they go. If they obstruct airflow, they go. Exposing bud sites is …. Illogical… and I prefer to point out that your plant relies on her fan leaves to be green and produce the chlorophyll she needs to photosynthesize (make her own energy to grow). The more leaves you can have in-tact, the happier she’ll be and easier she’ll be able to grow.


Yea been thinking the same,they just seem happier thanks for your thoughts


I love this line. I have mentioned in other threads how much it irritates me to hear someone say they defoliated so the plant can direct “Its energy” into buds.
Just what energy does a plant have?
I found this article about nutrient transportation.
Quite a good read showing how food is produce in the leaves and moves throughout the plant by a “Cell to Cell” method through the permeable cell walls. Kind of like a bucket brigade.


I hear you @Travelinhippie some plants really push out heavy foliage and others grow with hardly any but put on the buds throughout flowering.
My biggest concern is always airflow between the substrate and lower canopy. Keeping the air flowing from bottom to top is one of my objectives. Air comes in from the bottom of the tent and is exhausted at the top. Heat rises and CO2 is heavier than air. Allowing air to flow underneath and with proper pruning to have a path through the plants to rise up.
Keeping your roots healthy will allow your plants for thrive. Getting a beneficial microbes to colonize the root zone is my prime objective after germination.


So you guys think I took too much off the bottom Maybe that was my intention was make sure the air was flowing and you know there’s so many articles out there with so many different opinions I’ve grown for years outside but just stuck it in the ground and walked away go back with some snail repellent or whatever now and then but not much indoors appreciate everything you guys help me with

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I know I should have let them get a little taller this is my first run doing all the experimental ideas now they’re not stretching much so far I probably had another foot I could have let them go

Those are fine.
Better to prevent mold that way.