Day 46 of flower: is this normal?

I have here a gorilla glue auto and zkittlez auto. They’re been growing outdoors and for the past three days there’s been a heatwave of 85-90 degree temps. 2/4 of my plants (1 of each strain) is experiencing gradual yellowing of topmost leaves.

Just yesterday i started noticing the yellowing of their top sugar/fan leaves along the main cola.
I had given them a dose of cal mag one day prior to the yellowing so not sure if that had anything to do with it.
They’re due for another dose of FF Tiger bloom today.
Also had a spider mite infestation last week where a bud or two was webbed but that was stamped out afaik.

It seems unusual to me that the top leaves are yellowing and steadily spreading downwards.
Not sure if I should be concerned or if it’s just some plant death cycle stuff?


Using Cal-mag when you don’t need, can cause problems. I added it and my two plants was pissed at me. I ended up having to pull them as they never recovered.

Cal-mag deficiency has brown rust spots on the leaves and none of yours shows that deficiency.

@Myfriendis410 is my go to about problems.

It maybe not enough nitrogen.

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Yeah; N deficiency but pretty normal for the stage of your plants. I would ride it out.


This could just be a crumpling leaf, but it also looks like a much darker spot on your flowers. May want to give it another look over…

yeah i think it’s some death either of the bud or leaf it’s browned. i can’t tell which it is but it hasn’t spread. i think it was just the part of bud that was webbed

this circled photo to me looks to be botrytis. If you are seeing webbing it is either spider mites or mold. If it was mites you would see them. I would say the " webbing" you are seeing is A structure called conidiophore that contain spores often develop in the “webbing” you are seeing. Those completely dead leaves around the brown area is a sign something bad is going on deep inside the bud where moisture cant escape. I’d say lets get some more eyes on this with more experience than myself however I have seen this happen in my own grow and it was identical to what i am looking at. @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @Hellraiser


that caught my attention too

Might be worth doing some exploratory exam of that to identify it.

how should that be done?

some pictures from today of the bud sites in question.
first set is of the gorilla glue and second of the zkittlez


Yeah, unfortunately looks like some bud rot going on.

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should i cut my losses and harvest early or try to fight it with some spray or by cutting out the rotting part?

I would cut out any parts that look like that and spray plants with like a 50/50 peroxide/water mix and keep an on it, if more parts start to go brown as well then I’d chop em and do a bud wash.

okay great thanks for the info

after i remove the impacted parts of the plant, do you think i should spray the rest of the plant with the 50/50 solution just to be safe?

Yes, the spray will help kill any spores, also spray at lights off.