Day 35 - checking in and a question or two

Today was day 35 for my ladies (4/4 female for sure). I’ve been doing LST every day or two trying to keep them spread out with a flat canopy. Did one round of fairly heavy defoliation and some selective defoliation after that. 350R is at 18" and probably going up to notch six of nine tomorrow. The goal will be to get a DLI around 45 for each of them.

I keep wanting to raise the light a bit and let the girls stretch a little. The one furthest left is definitely in the stretch. Which brings me to my first question. Anyone know around how long the stretch is for ILGM zkittlez auto? How much do they stretch on average?

Second, assuming they do stretch when is the time to lollipop auto flowers? Not asking for a day to do it, lol. Just want to know the window of time which will get me good results. I’ve read that doing it at the wrong time or cleaning up too far can result in tiny yields. Don’t want that.

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Then do so, 45 dli can begin after flowering begins. Spacing the nodes out a lil will give you better airflow through plant.

No one plant will be the same unless you clone.

Autos on the avg dont get much taller then 3 feet. Remember I said ON THE AVG.

They will

I like to do defoliation and lolipop after about 2 weeks in flower

That being because all the budsights are gone, i go about 18 inches down give or take. Halfway down the plant would be my limit.

Ive not used an HLG light but standard hanging heights are 18-24 inches stay in that area and you should be good.

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That, my friend, is a thorough answer and I thank you for it. Already regretting not getting the gorilla grow tent so height wouldn’t have been a concern. The one I have now is five feet. Definitely going to try lollipopping in a week or so. Thanks again.

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You bet, anytime. I wanted a gorilla tent too but good god are they expensive. I felt that in a time of prohibition they made sence, no crazy looking white light seeping out and being seen and so forth. Seemed like a waste in my current environment. I do like the look of ACINFINITY tents. I wanted one last year but they were out and now I need my tent to break in order to justify buying a new tent. Fortunatly MH tents are not built SUPER well and I have a hard hand.

I am not skilled at light distancing to get the spacing between nodez. Last grow I had the driver mounted to my light inside tent, made it hot in there which made it impossible to get the light down past 24- 26 inches from canopy…not ideal and they were short and squat by comparison to this grow…Im able to get the light down to 18 inches of canopy. Different strains so I dunno but, I have read plenty of others who distance nodes with skill. Pretty sure @MidwestGuy has said he does this. Might ask him about it. Think its him anyway…lotsa reading lotsa names…

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The point to remember is that a plant will respond to a light intensity change within a few days to a week. The rest of learning it is just trial and error - something you pick up over time doing it.

I like to let the young girls stretch out a bit, then I can arrest further growth as she matures by pouring on the light. I have a plant in veg now (5 weeks old) that is getting a little over a 1,000 PPFD over 18 hours a day. Letting them stretch slightly and then flooding with light gives good node spacing for a mature plant.


I’m taking a lot of notes and keeping up with everything I do. I have enough seeds to do four more runs with four of these. Hopefully I’ll have a pretty good grasp on this strain by the end of that. IDK though. I used to deal with hundreds of plants at a time outdoor but they were all clones. I can already tell these autos vary wildly from plant to plant.

@Docnraq I’ll take a look at ac infinity tents. Already planning on getting a t6 for my next exhaust (if that’s the one with temp, humidity and vpd readings on it). I’m still in a prohibition area so a gorilla grow would probably be a good investment for me. Plus I’m not exactly a small guy so it’d be nice not to have to lean over every time I’m doing something in the tent.


Wildly is correct sir!

I have a T4 with the old controller, no vpd or blutooth…something like 16 states went legal recently so its like all this super cool gear got realeased right after I bought my stuff!

That’s sounds like the way life usually goes for me. Maybe the rest of the US will realize it’s not 1950 and “Reefer Madness” was a lie before I leave this mortal coil. If alcohol is legal there is absolutely no way cannabis should be illegal, end of discussion IMO.

Been having humidity issues since flowering started. It’s so hot and muggy here that inside the tent flat won’t go below 55 even with the lights on. 35 pint GE dehumidifier will be here tomorrow. It’ll be out in the room ofc because it won’t fit in the tent. Any suggestion on what I should start the humidity control on? 45? 35? I know it’ll be trial and error until it’s dialed in but a good starting point would help.

Autos definitely vary wildy. These are all blue dream autos and 36 days old and besides the LST I did to 2 of them the other one is crazy different. 2 are bushy and short with 5 pointed fan leaves that are huge. The other is super lanky and thin leaves with 7 pointed fan leaves.

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No, its been like that here too. My tents are between 60 and 65% im in week 5 or 6 of flower. I have good airflow and my vent fan is on 10, 24 hrs a day…so far so good…like 2.5 weeks or so till harvest.

Been keeping two fans on low and the exhaust running 24/7. I thought that would help offset the moisture in the air. TBH the girls seem to love the high humidity. But the more I read the more I’m scared of the humidity.

Strangely I’m now getting readings sub 50% since I raised my light. It’s at 23". That’s as high as I can get it (15" from top of tent) without an extra fan for the driver. I’ll bet good money I’ll be buying another small fan for that purpose soon. And I thought raising kids was expensive. SMH.

I wish you the best of luck on your harvest. Hope it’s a nice one. Hopefully I’m right there the end of next month.

To some extent you dont need to be… ill explain

Molds and mildews love high humidity this is true but its not what causes them. Its a combination of high co2 and high humidity. As long as the air is moving at a rate of about 1 full air exchange every 2 or 3 mins and current disturbing the air around the buds (fans) you eliminate one of the two required peramiters. This will keep the mildew from forming inside your tent. As flower goes on the buds get bigger and denser but they arent solid so you get internal pockets that air cant get into and there is where you start to get into budrot trouble.

This is a vpd chart

While I dont understand this enough to explain it, it shows that there are exceptable peramiters even into late flower. I recommend figuring this part out, tons to read about here on the boards.

Thanks, it will be. Im anticipating a half pound or more plus trim. We shall see.

I am a new grower as well. But I bought the AC infinity grow kit that comes with everything you need for the entire tent. I have all my control settings on auto. Lights will dim down automatically if the heat gets too high, and in-line fan only turns on when humidity reaches a certain level in the tent. It definitely gives me an ease of mind while im at work long days and can’t fully monitor all these things.

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