Dankloud's Cannabonsai & Herb Garden!

So I’m starting a new journal for my bonsai babies!

All the equipment is the same from my current journal as follows:

MarsHydro 24"x24"x55"

SpiderFarmer SF-1000D
D indicates non dimming. Dimming driver has been received, but with a bonsai grow, dimming probably won’t be needed.

AC Infinity Cloudline S4 4" Fan
AC Infinity 4" Carbon Filter
AC Infinity 4" Duct
2?" Massey Fan
Genesis 6" Clip Fan

General Hydroponics pH Up/Down
Apera pH20 pH meter
Apera pH 4, 7, 10 Buffer Solutions
Apera KCI Storage Solution
Apera EC20
Gouevn Soil Moisture Tester
ThermoPro TP50 Hygrometer

Soil and Amendments:
FoxFarms - Happy Frog
Xtreme Gardening - Mykos
Real Growers - Recharge
Silica Blast

Jacks Part A
Jacks Part B
PowerGrow Epsom Salt

Training, Cutting, Other:
Fiskars Microtip Pruner
Fiskars Bypass Pruner
Binder Clips
Training Wire
Shovel Thingy
Some kind of microscope/loupe (coming soon)

Keep in mind, I am still a newer grower, and have never done a cannabonsai before, so some experimenting will be taking place for sure… My main concern is what to do when she gets rootbound… It will definitely be a lot of fun shaping it though!

First girl is a Blueberry Feminized Photoperiod from Seedsman.

Here is the tail before planting

Here she is in the bonsai pot.

Here she is in the tent! I just realized I forgot to add the lucky rock :man_facepalming:Going to have to do that, stat! Oh and the cup to trap some humidity.

@MaD-VapoR @Hellraiser @Docnraq @Wildcat @Allinherhead


I’m here…is it finished yet? :joy:

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Just harvested. Got 2 pounds.


Best journal ever!


Day 1!

She says hello to the world!


Going to try to be more thorough on this journal… Been busy playing with Crypto currencies these last few weeks so my attention shifted. Made 5% on my portfolio in 5 days. Can’t argue with that!

A few notes so far:

Going to have to trim back some roots from time to time.
Need to figure out a way to do these perpetually, ideally with a mother plant. But I have no room for another tent… Maybe @MaD-VapoR would go halfsies on a tent and lights etc for our mothers and he can keep the tent at his place!? :wink:
I told fiance that yield from a bonsai will be really low and she said to plant multiple… which is fine, except that’s more spent on seeds for what, 7 grams or something each? Might just need to deal with it this way till we move…

I plan on letting this girl go for maybe a week, then start some very light training. I plan on using 2 stakes, one on either side of the plant. Once it is long enough to reach one of the stakes, it will be anchored to that stake, then once it is long enough to reach the other stake, it will be anchored to it, then probably topped at that point.

Side note: looking into peroxide wash for my big grow… Lots of cat hair trapped here and there lol… Need to get some intake filtering going on.


lol…I have the room. I think. I did the math on getting another fully functional, independent running tent a couple weeks ago. I think around $4-500 would get a veg/mother/clone tent running.


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Give me some time to ease the fiance in to spending more $ and I’m down! Walked a fine line with her on this so trying to get some breathing room XD


Decided to throw in the stakes now before the roots develop, to avoid disturbingthem once they have developed. Hopefully the roots will really grip the stake and support it as well.

Obviously the stakes are very long, but until I see how much height is needed I won’t cut them.

Also, bought a 500ml syringe with hose on Amazon to make watering easier. Finally bought the Apera EC20, some Recharge (what I have been using was gifted to me by @MaD-VapoR), and trying to find the best pots for all my plants because I will be adding herbs to my garden, parsley, oregano, catnip (for my cat lol) so it would be ideal to get one type of pot for everything.


No rush here man…I’d like to get through this grow first anyway. 7 more weeks? :grimacing: Can’t believe its been 10 weeks already. :crazy_face:

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OK I figured out what pot I will use!


Seems well built, comes with a tight fit drip tray, so I am hoping to get 2 rows of 3 and 1 row of 2 in the tent. The 1 row of 2 is because I have an actual bonsai tree in there too.

7 more weeks should be fine. If it really is only 7 more weeks XD

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So I was afraid if this… Super stretchy. I got excited when the boss said I could do one as a bonsai so I immediately dropped the seed. Should have waited until the current grow was done since the light is so far from the seedling when it’s on the bottom of the tent. Impatience in the growing biz is a bad idea.

Sorry for the blurry pic.
So I went ahead and threw it on a shoe box to raise it up for now… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

@Hellraiser @MaD-VapoR @Eagles009 How does the fan placement look? I am thinking of maybe getting another fan for the lower/mid section of the tent… I am so scared of root rot even though my RH never gets above 60 really… Usually 45 to 50ish.

Also fighting with myself on the placement because I feel like I want the fan angled up to push hot air up towards the exhaust…


You mean bud rot? I think your RH is ok around 50% so bud rot shouldn’t be an issue. If it were me I’d raise the fan to blow between main cola and light, but that’s me. Your fresh air comes in at the bottom and get pulled out up top so you should have plenty of air flow for a 2x2. What speed you have the exhaust fan on? And I have a plant in my tent that is raised almost 12 inches…used an empty pot turned upside down. Should be able to find something to raise yours higher if you need to.

Let the more experienced guys guide you though…


Omg yes bud rot :man_facepalming:… Had root rot on the brain from worrying about my bonsai tree.

I has the fan blowing iver the top cola, but then started worrying about all the other buds too

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Had to take a page from @MaD-VapoR and make my girl a cane. When I came home she was doing this crazy gangster lean away from the light and she’s pretty leggy. Hindsight: don’t be an idiot and start a seedling before your light can be moved to accommodate the new seedling… I love getting ahead of myself… No more! Plan plan plan. I’ve done more planning then last time. Does that count?
Also when I started watering she fell over even more! :scream: ← Literally me.

Thought the bonsai pot would be a cute thing to use, but it turns out the soil is actually clogging up the drainage hole on the bottom. So I cut off a piece of the bamboo sticks and slipped it into the hole to hopefully keep the soil draining. I will be transplanting it into one of my new pots once she gets some strength.

I am looking at a better drain tray as the trays that came with the pots just aren’t going to hold the plant up enough, nor are large enough in circumference to let me fully water with run off.


I had a leggy girl like that too, similar solution :+1: ended up burying half that stem when I transplanted it


Yeah I plan on doing the same with this one once it is time to transplant. Might have to transplant sooner rather than later as that pot I put it in is unsatisfactory…

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Nice cane! lol She’ll be fine…if/when you transplant, you can bury the stem some. That’s what I did with one in my current grow. She was the tallest sprout and turned out to be the runt of the group. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah will definitely be transplanting. Need more soil :frowning: The pot I started it in is not going to work out well so I have got to be careful with it till I can transplant her.

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If you don’t need much I have a half a bag that will wind up just sitting here for a month. Let me know how much you need and I can bring it with me.

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