Journal - Grow 2 Electric Boogaloo - GSCE + Blue Haze

Helllloooo Everyone!

I am beginning my second grow while on this forum and thought I would journal for my first time.

For this grow I will be only growing 4 plants (down from 9): 2 Girls Scout Cookies Extreme & 2 Blue Haze from ILGM.

More to follow soon… Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated and welcome.

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First I have made major equipment changes:

Veg Tent=
AC Infinity 48"x48"x80" grow tent
AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline fan
AC Infinity 6" carbon filter
HLG 300L B spec LED lights
Vivosun 48" x 20" heat mat and thermostat
Optimus H-6003 mini Portable oil filled radiator
Controlled by an Inkbird digital thermostat
Everlasting Comfort cool mist humidifier (6L)
Controlled by an Inkbird digital humidity controller

Flower Tent:
AC Infinity 48"x48"x80" grow tent
AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline fan
AC Infinity 6" carbon filter
HLG 600R R spec LED lights
Optimus H-6003 mini Portable oil filled radiator
Controlled by an Inkbird digital thermostat
Everlasting Comfort cool mist humidifier (6L)
Controlled by an Inkbird digital humidity controller

Dry tent:
Opulent Systems 48"x48"x80" grow tent

When they come in, I plan on purchasing/adding:
To veg tent:
HLG 50 high cri supplement - using 2 weeks after veg stage begins.

To flower tent:
HLG 30 UVA - using the last few weeks of flower
1 or 2 HLG 60 Supplement (red & far red) - using after 2 weeks of flowering

I would love advice on the extra lights… My research showed a benefit for all… But my research could be flawed.


You’ve already got great lights. Not sure how much the supplemental reds will help. For UV I run them veg-harvest 3 hrs a day.


Looks like you’re off to great start!


Sounds like a couple of nice setups!

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More equipment changes:

Switched to Apera Instruments pH and TDS testers from vivosuns.

Also added:
a couple Govee bluetooth Hygrometers in each tent.
A dome propagator with another govee Hygrometer for germination.

For soil and nutrients:

Roots Original soil.

I have a lot of fox farms nutes left, so I will be using that until it’s gone.

Big Bloom
Grow Big
Tiger Bloom
Open sesame
Beastie boys
Cha ching
Sledgehammer for flushes.

Also… Epsom salt, bs molasses, great white, trubus original, ILGM root protector, and Cal-Mag.

@BobbyDigital I could use some advice on use of this soil.

Also advice on the “also” nutes as these are new to me and amounts I should use I am unsure of.

Soilwise just water until your runoff gets to 1000ppm. For the open sesame, beastie and chaching just use as schedule recommends. 1/4 tsp (the small scoop that comes with it) for its given week. Remember to stick to the flush schedule with those nutes.

For the epsom, add 1/4-1/2 tsp every water only day (you may need to increase depending on the plant). Tribus, I give 1ml every feed. Great white I only use for transplant.

The good stuff…

On 3/21 I dropped two GSCE female and two Blue Haze female seeds in cups of room temperature RO water with a cap of hydrogen peroxide.

After about 36 hours soaking I transferred them to moist paper towls in between a couple paper plates and put in a cupboard above my refrigerator.

On 3/22 tap roots cracked through… all successes! So far…

I put them into rapid rooters, which I had soaked for a few hours and squeezed out excess water. I couldn’t find the little cups I had for the rooters so opted to try and fill a couple solo cups have with soil then added the rooters and more soil… Sprayed to moisten.

Put them into the covered propagator with heat mat set at 78F humidity in dome is currently 56%.

Under the 300L set close to lowest dim and about 8 inches above the dome.

I checked earlier and already think I see sprouts about to pop the surface.

I will check them again in the morning and probably mist the rooters/sool if needed.

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Will I need to fertilize starting right away using Roots Original or does it have nutes to carry the plants through the first several weeks?

How about the molasses? Any suggestions?

Root original can go 4-5 weeks veg just like ocean forest depending on how much the plants uptake is.

For molasses, I would use a teaspoon a week during flower but haven’t used it in a while. Didn’t really notice any difference with it so I set it aside. I would be using it if I were running organically, though


@BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @Hellraiser

End if the night and all sprouts are about 1" tall still under the dome. 80F, 55.8RH.

When is it appropriate to remove the dome lid, turn on the oscillating fan, and crank up the light(j/k)?

From what i read i should provide 250-300 umols once they reach a certain point during the seedling stage. Is this accurate and when should I plan on doing it?


Meticulous, organized, gear head, yeah I have to check in.

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Nice setup and lights.

I never use a dome for seedlings. I turn on the fan a day or 2 after they have sprouted.

That is fine for the seedling stage, you can do it now.

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@Hellraiser Thank you for the advice! I took off the dome a few days ago, turned up the light and raised the light to get to 275 umols… About 34" from sprout tops, and turned on my oscillating fans.

I had a humidifier going but turned it off after it emptied in less than a day, so I keep an eye in my hygrometers thru Bluetooth and physically check them three times a day and mist them with RO water to keep soil and rooter plug moist.

During misting I accidentally knocked off one sprouts shell which took one sucker leaf with it… It appears to be doing okay but am ready for the possibility I may have killed it.


Ordered the HLG Flowering Initiator Far Red Bulb to add to the flower tent.

It says it covers 5x5 area max but may get another, as my 600rspec sits in the tent center, this way I would have one on either side to ensure more even coverage.

Can’t wait for the 30 UVAs come in… I love spending money, but want to finalize my equipment and focus on growing and… Trains…!

I have a huge 50s O gauge Lionel set, that was my grandfathers and dads, I want to build and also a 4x8 four train HO layout to finish for my kids. I love trains!


Talked with HLG about the flower initiator bulb… Only one is needed in a 4x4…even if clipped to a corner pole it will provide the desired results.

Also the 30 UVAs should be in any day now, they thought they had arrived but the 30s weren’t in the shipment.

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@Hellraiser @BobbyDigital the HLG 30UVAs are in stock… Picked one up.

Thinking about adding a UVB supplement now… This is addictive!


I dig the UV. I have a T5 HO UVA/B light. This plant is 9 days into flower and already spitting out the trichs

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@Bobbydigital Just ordered a GrowBright 2 ft 1 lamp fixture and a agromax pure uv t5 2’ bulb from htg sup… I think my setup is now complete… Until i get into hydro growing.

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Okay so it has been a couple weeks… An under water followed by an over water but they seem to be recovering.

Also one of the Blue Haze lost a sucker leaf and never recovered, since may plan is to screen the plants individually rather than under one net I replacedit and planted one Godfather OG feminized seed from WSE. It germinated very quickly and just popped through the soil.

My setup:

Veg tent:

Flower tent:

Flower tent lights:

Main light = HLG 600 rspec
Front and back lights = UVB/UVA(75%/25%) T5 bulbs by AgroMax
Middle = HLG 30 UVA supplement
Right & Left = 2x HLG far red flowering initiator

Flowering lighting plan as follows:

Main= 12/12.
UVA = 12/12 for at least the last 40 days.
UVB = 8 on in middle of main hours for at least tge last 40 days.
Far reds = 15 minutes morning (10 minutes before to 5 after lights on) & 15 minutes bedtime (5 minutes before and 10 after light out).

@BobbyDigital @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @dbrn32 Suggestions?