Cutting leaves on seedlings

I would like the advice of someone like you who has growing experience. It is transplanted to 5 gal bucket but it’s not a foot tall yet

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This plant is from a seed of what we call “reggie” and my husband has just brought home a few clones of different Kush types, going to get 6 transplanted into their buckets so they can grow the 2 kinds stativa and indica sure are different. I’m trying to get them about same age this will be my 2nd grow.First round learned alot from a few mistakes and learned alot from you guys after it was too late for 1st grow. I’ll have more pics and questions later thanks again

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Right on @Amazon66
Glad to hear the transplant went well
Sorry for the late response
My health sucks and I have some real bad days

You are doing great!
Happy growing sister
I have had some really good results from bag seeds
It is cool that your hubby got some clones
They start off kinda rough but turn into some monsters
I have a grow buddy that gets clones locally
I like growing from seed myself

In the future though use smart pots
The bucket is cool but the cloth smart pots are much better
Your roots won’t get bound up because they will be air pruned
Just a suggestion

I think I like growing from seed the best if I grew clones much I would want to make them myself. Sorry to hear your health is bad, know what you mean I’ve had 4 back surgeries and neck surgery and really seems like it depends on weather . Don’t worry about time it takes I just like your opinions

I’ll have to check out cloth pots for my 3rd grow as 2nd grow is already in 5 gal buckets my 1st grow went into darkness for 48 hours then hope I have good harvest. I’ve learned alot since 1st grow by reading these forums and using bergman’s step by step instructions with pics

My harvest time snuck up on me as it was my 1st grow. They went into darkness almost 48 hours ago but I’m afraid I didn’t get them flushed enough, what will that do to smell and taste of my smoke? In old days we hung the whole plant at harvest but I’m reading that’s not necessary. How do you hang yours and how much wet pruning do you do?