Trimming Damaged Leaves on a Cloned Seedling

I took a clone from a Blue Dream plant. It’s the only clone of four that survived. :slight_smile: I’ve transplanted it into a pot. Picture attached. She looks fine. There are two leaves that I think should be removed. I really dislike doing that when they are so small. What do you think about removing damaged or dying leaves on a seedling? Leave them or remove them? Thanks

Not a seedling it’s a clone right haha if the leafs are dead remove them if they are still green I would leave them until I have a few more sets of leaves, clones are usually much hardier than any seedling once they have a root system… early clones with very little root system can he a little finicky but once they have a good root system they should be just as hardy as the mother

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I’ll leave it 'til she grows a few more leaves. Makes sense to me. I really do hate taking from them when they are so young. Thanks. I don’t know where seedling came from. Cloneling. :slight_smile:

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If u touch the leaf and it just falls off thats not bad. If u have to pull at all i would leave it it is still working.

Yes, they are both still working. I’ll wait. Thanks.