Curious on what leaves to clip

I have a few plants. There are lots of leaves growing on it. I am not sure what leaves to keep and what leaves to cut. HELP!

Pictures might help, but in general you don’t really want to cut off the leaves at all, especially during veg.

Hell I cut several did I !@#$ up big time , I thought that method transfer energy.

If you removed the under growth that doesn’t get much light you shouldn’t have caused much damage, and those are the ones removed if you need to remove leaves for better air flow and such. There is a technique during flowering that removes a lot of leaves with the idea of directing the plant’s energy to the buds, this is a little debatable as to how well it works and it might be strain dependent, some strains might respond well and other not as much.

I did but accidentally cut one fan leaf for light .

Live and learn, lol. It might slow some development but if you have plenty of other leaves getting plenty of light it probably won’t be very bad at all.

this is all the leaves I cut off .

this my nutrient systems .

Oh, you mean the dying leaves, yeah those are fine to remove, more than a good third of, or half damaged or 2/3rd or something like that and it isn’t really providing much benefit anymore. A lot of people let them just continue to die and tug on them gently here or there and when they naturally come off easily is how they decide when to remove dying leaves.

this what they looked like when I cut them from the bottom of plant .

hope this system works

Better slow down on the nutrients :slight_smile:

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Thanks for notifiying us, it’s fixed. New users now can post images.

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What damage is caused by cutting leaves in beg stage? I cut all mine that were growing under where a branch is starting to grow out? Can you please tell me what the damage will be for me? I did it to two of my 5 plants.