Trimming leafs during flower

So I am currently growing 5 white widows from ILGM. I grew some last year as well so I ha e a little experience with the strain.

Anyway I had issues with 2 of my plants which prolonged my Veg period a few weeks in order to get those 2 plants healthy prior to switching to flowering. Because of the extended Veg period my plants are large and full of foliage.

I have read many articles in the subject of removing leafs during flowering and have seen several different opinions.

My question being is I would like to remove some of the leafs to allow light to lower bud sites to try and increase my yeild and also thin them out a bit to make a little more room in my grow space. Is it ok to remove some of the leafs on the upper parts of the plants to allow more light to the lower parts of the plants?

I already trimmed off the lower leafs and also some lower branches that were not recovering enough light.

Was hoping to get some opinions from some growers who remove leafs during flowering and the results they had.

My plants are 3.5 weeks into flowering. Here is a picture of 1 of them.

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If you could place a cfl or a t5 down there your plant would be better off. I don’t cut leaves off because they carry energy to the plant for growth and bud making or maybe pulling them away.


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Thanks for the response.
I try and tuck the leafs back to expose more bud sites but after an hour or so they tend to bounce back up and cover the bud sites again.

I would love to add some additional lighting but am paranoid about sucking up more electricity.

I don’t usually remove fan leafs unless they are yellowed or if they are lower on the plant but because of the extra Veg time there are a lot more leafs on these plants than I had last year. I was thinking no I could possibly trim off a few here and there but don’t want to stress my plants too much this early in flowering.
I did however supercrop a few branches earlier in Veg to try and expose more bud sites and too allow more light to the center of the plant.
I’ll most likely just let them be and see what happens.

Thanks again for your help.