Trimming done at 3rd week of flower

So my plants had some huge fan leaves and a lot of leaves that were dead due to the lack of light they were receiving. So I decided to trim them down till every microscopic inch of plant received light exposure. Did this yesterday and now the plant that was struggling has flowed and all still look extremely heathy! Going to keep an eye on them just to make sure they don’t die or anything. Here’s some pics please let me know if I did anything wrong

each plant in a week has grown 6 in so Saturday they will be going into their 4 week of flower! Only 14 more weeks guys. I also organized my tent a little better to provide more space to work!

a good idea to trim off the dead or almost dead leaves. looks like you gave it a crew cut. might be a good idea to leave the larger fan leaves on as long as they are green.

Yeah most fan leaves had sun damage to them so I cut them but still have more leaves growing and still have growth

One thing I plan doing on my next grow is to go ahead and not have three plants with the big net backers. I’m going to get a 5g lid with 3 inch net pots cut into the lid, I believe I can get around three of them in each one and put one plant each one of those. the roots have more room to grow the reason why I trim so much also was due to the fact that most of the plants and the leaves were causing the buds throughout the main stem to not allow light to get through. Today when I checked them they were budding way more!

Looking good. At week three of Flower you should be almost done your ‘stretch’ period. Next grow, keep as many fan leaves as you can but trim if you need more light penetration. Those water storage units are also the “solar panels” that turn light and nutrients into sugar which feeds bigger buds. Buds themselves don’t process nearly as much light as leaves. I’m a leave lover, give me as many as you can without blocking lower light! lol