Cut the fan leaf?

There’s a nice healthy bud site right under this fan leaf ( in the red circle). We are a week and a few days into flowering and I’ve read in some places that it’s too late to cut and I’ve also read in some places to cut the fan leaves off that are shadowing bud sites.

Is it okay to cut or should I leave it alone?


Get rid of it… most people defoliate just before the switch. They also do another heavy one 20 or so days into flower… which I would recommend you do also.



You can remove this fan leaves. Auto or photo? The auto will react a lot differently than a photo with less time to recover :love_you_gesture:

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These are photos.

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Good deal, photos are typically defoliated just prior to flipping the light schedule to 12/12 then again around 3 weeks later. I do selective plucking and pruning through out the grow on those stubborn leafs that block lower bud sites :love_you_gesture:


@DanInVa u can cut it or just tuck it dowb so its out the way and light gets in.

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