Curling marijuana leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

I am growing my first plants. About 2 weeks ago I cut back the light time to 12/12 under red/blue LEDs and my plants have begun budding. I have been feeding them Big Bud 0-1-3. Within the last 24-48 hrs I notice that although the leaves are green and not drooping they have begun curling from the edges toward the mid-line.

That generally indicates over-fertilization. Flush and apply a fresh batch of nutrients.

Soil or Hdyro? No difference in treatment, but different application, regarding flush.


I purchased a number of seeds off you guys and the White Widow young plants are showing signs of curling edges of leaves and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. PH is 7 and below I have listed the my growing schedule, and have also attached pictures of the leaves I have issues with.

I’m hoping you could perhaps guide me in the right direction as to what I am doing wrong.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated,

Light cycle; 18hr on / 6hr off, 400 watt HPS

Temp; about 27c

Soil medium; Coco

Dutch Master Nutrients Advance
(feed mix at the moment, plants 4 weeks from seeds)(mix ratio per litre of water)
Advance Grow A, 1ml
Advance Grow B, 1ml
Gold Range ADD.27, 3ml
Gold range Zone, 0.25ml
Gold Range Silica, 0.5ml

Feeding schedule:
Day 1, full strength feed
Day 2, nothing
Day 3, water
Day 4, nothing
Day 5, half strength feed
Day 6, nothing
Day 7, water
Day 8, nothing
Day 9, full strength feed, and so on