Curious... can i grow in a backyard shed year round?

If everything was done right, can i grow in a shed… like a big shed, probably 12 plants… doesn’t hurt to dream lol let me know your thoughts, id love to do this because i have alot of backyard space.

Is the shed insulated?

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Suppose you could
depends where you live. Heat, ac. electric. Ventilation walls either painted flat white or mylar whatever…

I haven’t bought one yet but im already growing indoors inside a tent and would love to expand my grow to outdoors but would only do so if i can grow year round. Curious is it possible?

Im in NYC

if you can control the environment, you grow in whatever you want


I believe that…

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i say go for it, post your build on here so we all can see it and maybe others will learn from it

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It is possible. I know some that grow in their garages during the winter.

I think if you have electricity, ventilation, and possibly insulation depending on your location you could do it.

Hopefully some else that has done can steer you in the right direction.

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That is the key. As long as temps stay within 65f and 85f average and you have enough light, it is no different than a tent indoors.


Definitely doable but sounds expensive :moneybag::moneybag:

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If cost was no concern you could do this easily.

I would expect it to cost several thousand dollars with the cost of building materials these days. Then obviously cost would depend on quality and quantity of everything else.

You’d probably want a mini split that controls heat and ac. Ventilation would be simple. Size would dictate amount of lighting needed which would be a large expense. Being a detached building you’d be able to make it sealed and run CO2 if desired. You could automate the entire system with sensors and controllers.

It’s most growers dream I think :rofl:

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Just got an 8k quote on a mini split installed in NY. :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:

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Ouch :rofl::joy:

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Design a means to pipe the exhaust a good distance away from the building! You’re summers will wage war with the heat your trying to pump out if the interior. Sure, you’ll run an ac inside, and possibly get it down to the60s at night , but the dog days of summer (possibly late spring) will throw a hot blanket of air and humidity around the shed, and you’ll reach a critical point… The heat from the lights, the heat from the a/c on the other side of the wall, heat from possible dehumidifier, and the outside summer heat will spike your growing temps like mad… As soon as October comes around, it’ll be easy as pie to make it work until next summer.

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I grow in a shed – but I’ve done a massive amount of work in it. Insulation, flooring, coated paneling to resist moisture, wall and door between grow room and rest of the shed, put in a sink.


I’ve thought about doing that before, but the shed would have to insulated, then portable heating and air of some kind. The numbers just weren’t there, so gave up on it. But it would be kick ass if someone just had the money to blow.


I figure it will take me a while to pay off the room, in goodies I grow and don’t have to buy. But, it has been expensive – especially in this insane economic climate. Dang 2x6x8 is $20.

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If all conditions are right yes you can…I framed in and insulated a 20’ conex i use all year to grow,dry and store…i put a wall to split it into 8’ one side and 12’ other side

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How many BTU. I bought a 34,000 BTU for 1500 but im in Texas

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