Cure Stage and Burping- my buds

Zone 9 Nor Cal
Outside plants since May 22

Harvested and dry 10/17/22

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What do you specifically want help on? Typically cure time is 6-8 days on a hang dry (ideal temp 60-70 and humidity 60) and tested to 10-12% moisture content with a stud mositure meter. Then you can bag or jar to stabilize your ideal 60-62% humidity. When jarring you’ll need to burp occasionally as opposed to using a grove bag you just bag and forget if it falls in your humidity range


The brown spots are not good. Looks to be Boytris or something like it (BudRot).

First thing is first. Isolate anything dark like that. Somewhere ventilation wont circulate the spores. Super easy to break containment so be slow and meticulous.

Once u have them isolated. Give the brown spots a light tug. If its super brittle and comes right out? Toss the it out. I wouldnt risk smoking moldy buds… and it WILL spread. So be safe, toss it. If u want, u can cut out the infected area (and a bit uninfected to be safe) then bud wash (water baking soda lemon juice) the rest that was near infection. Hang it to dry (somewhere ISOLATED) and dry, cure, smoke separate from the rest. But thats a risk i wouldnt take myself.

Of course my eyes might be shoddy, and u just have darker buds :rofl:. If that is the case ignore my rant above and congrats on your harvest. Looks right sticky


This bud has been in a jar for 3 weeks in a dark and cool place.
I am burping twice a day.

I smoked this and it was a low THC high. I am a daily smoker. It was smooth and not anything like “rag weed”.

The bud does crumble easily and ground it’s fluffy and somewhat lightly moist not like dried out

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I agree with you on this one. Brown spots look shady for sure. I would cut and trash.


Sounds like u may have a bit of rot. Make sure to check all the jars. Like a mentioned, it will spread.