Cultured Biologix--EON Series

I cannot find these nutes anywhere!! They have been remodeling their warehouse for months now, and no nutrients to be found. I am tired of these companies running out of nutrients or forgetting about the small grower and going commercial. Anyone else running in to these issues? Anyone know where to find EON series nutrients?

It’s very likely they were a small business who wasn’t equipped to handle the rapid growth without pausing to ramp up their production to keep up with the demand. Manufacturing is no small task.

Not to mention Ukraine and Russia exporting something close to 25% of global fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus.

They said they are resurfacing the floor in the warehouse and it is running 2 months past schedule so far. I am just looking for these nutrients. I am halfway through my grow and don’t really want to change nutrients mid-stream but I guess I will do what I have to. Just asking if anyone knows where to find them.

No idea, sorry. Good luck :metal:

@GreggT I just called Acme Hydro in Broomfield and he said Tim McCormick is the owner of Cultured Bio and they are building a new warehouse here in Comm City, CO. The guy at Acme in Broomfield carries all of the EON line but due to the construction situation he has sold out and is waiting for Tim to get the new warehouse up to restock. So far they only have the slab poured.

Growing pains of a small business. Hope the info helps.

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Cut from their Facebook profile
Hey Cultured Fam! Some of you might have been wondering where we’ve been. Don’t you worry though! We wanted to let y’all know that we’ve been busy moving to a new manufacturing warehouse. Still Colorado local, still going to be handmade by yours (CB) truly, and still going to be the best quality product possible. We’ll be back up and running sometime mid-June to start stocking stores and commercial farms again! Thanks for your guys awesome support and having some patience with us. Our new warehouse is going to be one hell of an improvement and we can’t wait to show you guys what we have been cooking up!

They had a store that still has stock of their products - use code GROWCB for 10% off.


I read that. I follow them as I am a user of their product. Their goal was to be open by mid-June, but the floor crew is taking WAY longer than scheduled. I am in constant contact with John Duncan, co-founder and Vice President of the company. He is very frustrated at the time it is taking the floor crew. I am trying not to change nutrients because I am very happy with the line. I am out of Calci-M in the EON series and am in dyer need of it. If anyone out there has any they could spare, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance. Happy Growing!!

HydroPros had it in stock until July. Now no one has it unless someone on this forum has some they are willing to part with. I need Calci-M in their EON series.